Really am not, at all, fotogenic today.

But now I am ready to go to Japan. ehehehe.
Soon work time  - and today im gonna celebrate on my last and only break, with chocolate~


Cooking dinner.
Or, well, Johan is making some sausage and I am making some mashed potatoes. Yumyum.
Im thinking about Japan and how its getting closer each day. Making things a little more unreal. I cant really see myself in that cool place, and still I cant wait to stand corrected.
Its going to be so cool.

.. and we think we have decided on a name for the kitty.. I'll let you know. ;)

angry dreams

Yes. Just like it says. Tonight there were no cute kittens or Japan - just me being angry at a few persons. Haha.
Soon City errands, then im gonna color my hair, THEN I will go to my very last shift. 17-23.15. Its going to be so great leaving that place. mmm :)

I just want to cuddle all night long

I never want to leave that little cutie. It ached in my heart when I had to wake her up from sleeping in my lap. She is so CUTE!~~ かわいい!

behind the glasses


top notch laundry

I've done the laundryyy.. or well, almost finnished. Its in the dryer now. Then I think that I might take a long nap! Cause im so freakishly tired these days. I think its because of my penicillin.
THEN im going for a cup of coffé with my dad, and visit the little kitty once more before I leave Sweden :) ~
It was so cute T_T <3


Im going to greakin Japan in 5 DAYS! 4 Days before we leave to Stockholm and exchange our money for YEN! Awesome. Its so freakin awesome.
Tonight i've dreamt about Japan and the little kittyyy~ heheh ^^

Now, on this free day from work - there is errands to run. But starting with a cup of coffé!


lovey dovey

So, we took that "special thing" today instead because we got some time over.
and we went to see a KITTY!! That we might take :)

My aunt got a cat which had some cute babies, and this is the last one. We both really love it and it was so cute!
If we can, we will take it when we get back from Japan. ^____^ !!

me, myself & I

Found this nice tattoo in a magazine today. Love it.
Anywaaaaay, I just got back home from my very last long-day-shift! GOD BLESS MYSELF!.. or something like that.
Soon a couple are gonna come and see our apartment.(We might switch apartment after Japan if they like ours too.)
Aaand, tomorrow me and Johan are gonna do something special! Which, you will see tomorrow night. :) ~
Exciting?!?! Nah. Not really.


6 Days to Japan

okey. thats it.

Nu får det vara nog.

Folk i min närhet är väl medvetna om att jag & Johan ska resa till Japan. Folk är medvetna om situationen i Japan.
VI VET hur situationen är i Japan.
Som att ni tror vi är tröga eller nått. Vi har mest troligt följt nyheterna, uppdateringarna, japanska nyheter etc mycket mer än ni folk som tror er veta mer än oss.
Och alla ni säger samma sak. Saker som vi redan uppdaterat oss vid ett par dagar före.
"Men ni vet väl att det har kommit i vattnet nu."
"Ja. Men det var bara farligt för spädbarn. Samt att det har varit låga värden i över tre dagar nu, och att spädbarn nu tillåts dricka vattnet."
"Men.. ni borde inte åka dit ändå."

Jag blir förbannad.
Det är våran resa, som vi sett fram emot i snart exakt ett helt år. Som vi båda har slitit hårt för att få komma till och kunna betala resan. Som det ser ut nu, ska vi resa till Japan trots omständigheterna. Men det är förjävligt trist att folk ska gå å göra oss ledsna inför våran resa när vi borde vara superglada. Istället ska folk gå å säga en massa saker de inte har något att göra med. Visst om ni är oroliga, visstvisst. Säg det en eller två ggr, men sen får det vara.
Inte så kul å höra av alla släktingar man har, både min å Johans sida, och vänner, som säger samma saker.
Och det där hela "det ger förhöjd cancer risk", tramset som vissa drar. Ni vet väl om att ungefär allting i våran värld idag ger en förhöjd risk för cancer. Som de där cigaretterna ni rökt i, tja, sisådär 20 år nu. Trots alla varningar som alla sagt i evigheter nu. Eller den där alkoholen. Eller Chipsen. Transfetter. Hårfärgningsmedel. Godis. Snus. Flygresor som kan sluta med att planet krashar.
- och det finns INGET som heter "en säker resa". Inget i livet är säkert. Men jag trodde ni visste det redan.

Ge er. Det är inte ni som ska dit, det är faktiskt vi. Var glada för att vi får se landet vi längtat efter så länge istället. Nu låter jag kanske lite hård, men jag har fått höra det här sedan olyckorna hände i Japan, och om & om igen. Det finns en gräns för alla.
God natt.


im mad.

healing speed

My tounge is better, but still havent healed enough for me to be able to talk very long.
Im going to work tomorrow, but I might have to go home early depending on how my tounge is feeling. I dont want to stress the healing and then screw it up, so I wont be able to enjoy our trip to Japan next sunday.
There is alot happening this week - and im gonna have to manage a tight schedule for all our errands.

I'll keep posting.
oh, and for your information... I only have three more days before I quit my work.<3

I hate

decisions decisions decisions..


still sick.
We have also watched these~
among these three, House on haunted hill, was the best. Really.
It may be in black/white, and some lame lines, but it was nice to see something new.

movie night with my darling

tomorrow we are gonna see three more.picupdatecomestomorrow.

iPhone day

some random shots from todays errands.
Now me and Johan are going to watch some movies

doctors office

Im back from the doctor with a sore finger. They had to stick a freakin thing down my throat. Its so disusting. When I was a kid I was always sick with my throat, but I will never get used to the feeling of that test. >.<
I've just eaten what I can eat - which is almost nothing. I cant drink water and it hurts like hell to eat.
I made some porridge. its soft and warm so it help getting down..
wow, I sound really old.

Soon we are gonna go shop for some milk etc. Im gonna buy some icecream and se if that helps anything. Maybe some awesome Ben & Jerry. <33


Im on my way to my doctors appointment.
It suuuuucks. And I cant go to the bathroom, just in case they ask for a .. urine sample.. >>
My bladder is on freakin breaking point!
More updates to come when I get back. wish me luck. That I get some serious awesome drugs to help with my darn pain.


all the time

why does all these crazy things happen to me?

No luck at all

Wow - I suck.
AGAIN - im sick. Im going to the doctors office tomorrow and see if I need some penicillin for it or just some rest. I dont know.. gosh. I have to get better until next week.
And I have to go to work tonight as well. Its only for 6 hours so I think I can do it. Its just really hard to speak with my sickness. I speak like I have some serious speaking issues because my tounge has swollen up. >>

Who you gonna call?

I just called to our Flight-company and they said that so far the plane is going as scheduled at 3 April.
So, yay us! Nothings changed with that anyway.


The situation in Japan seems to hold on.
That is good news.

Today I have to go working again. But the good news is that I only work for 7 more days before I quit my job and I leave to Japan.~
That keeps me with some strength and endurance at work. How long it lasts, thats another question. Haha.
Im drinking my coffé now and i've just followed both Japanese and Swedish news.
The shower awaits!


yeah so, the powerplant has gotten some electricity on!!! Im stoked!! ~~
If everything goes well, I will be in Japan by next week Sunday - Isnt that incredible?!?! Woah.. its so cool. Or, well, By next week I mean from tomorrow Monday, it will be Next week.
Anyway - its so freakin cool!!
Im going to be writing about how cool it is for the next two weeks.
Either how cool it is, or how depressed I am because I cant go there. So, thats what you can expect. hehe.


Japan seems to be handling things with a thought that says; This is our town.
That sounded very gay of me.
Anyway, Milk and stores are back to being open and more people are coming out to Tokyo.
This makes me happy~~
Even tho news says that the winds have turned against land instead of the ocean. Also that it will rain and snow, which equals bad for the country.

Im staying hopeful.
Dont forget to Follow Live in Tokyo ^^ Just klick on the
link and choose your camera/or city.




Role Models

Saw this movie yesterday, it was fun!

its all about the supermoon... and 日本

I went to take some photos of the supermoon yesterday - tho I failed, like completely.
It was simply to cold, so I never took any pictures with a tripod, so my pictures lost its focus on almost everyone.

Tho the news in Japan seems to be somewhat Stable now. It gives me calm.
My friend in Japan says that things will probably be back to normal within the time we reach Japan. The nuclear powerplant in Fukushima also seems like they might have gotten a hold on it. So hopefully things will work out itself and no more disaster will come. Knockonwood.


another movie

I made myself a quick video to show my subscribers that I am alive.
And videos from Japan awaits in May.
(If I get to Japan in time, that is.)


powernaps & spring hats

Sun after Rain

Yes, well, I havent been the best photo-blogger these days. But I blame the accidents in Japan, since they've made me pretty sad and upset. But I think things seem to get better, knock on wood, but both me and Johan are getting more hopefull that we might be in Japan by next month.
Here are some pictures from during the week.

I wanted to make an american-sandwich. It was awesome.

Yesterday I cooked thai-food

which also, was awesome


Everything seems pretty normal I think. I HOPE TO GET THERE SOON
please.. please..

Really awesome site to watch Live.

whatever we can



Yeah, Not i've filled my order with a few stuff -
still very uncertain if we will get to Japan or now. Still hoping.

the leopard stockings

.. and the things I put up yesterday. ^^

in desperate times...

... we shop.

Im currently looking through my regular shopping websites.
A few months ago I said that I wouldnt shop anymore until i've been in Japan. (shopping there.) But since there is a chance I wont make it there in time, im now preparing myself for the best medicine against depression; summer comfort shopping.



Spring VS Fall

Now all swedes are adviced to NOT fly to Japan.
Im sad.

We still have two more weeks to wait until we know if we can go or not. The situation can still change into a miracle. Atleast thats what im hoping for.
Tomorrow we will probably find out our options for our flight in April. The not-knowing is killing me. >>
At least I might go out tomorrow = comfort drinks. eeehehhe...

Our thoughts about the flight is to either RE-BOOK the flight until Fall or stay to go now in April.
What kicks me hard, is the thought that we will miss the Sakura flowers, for which we already have waited for almost a year to see.. so that sucks. Really hard.
OR we could wait another year, just to see the flowers.. but I dont think im willing to do that. Im to eager to go now. I've waited to long and I need to travel to not get depressed. Im really thinking about moving there next year if Im happy during the visit.
Somebody want to move with me to Japan?? heh..

Japan in the fall might be pretty to, yes??


Two more working days. I can make it. Or at least, now I can feel that I can make it. Monday - Tuesday, has been hell, but now I can start seeing the light of $$$ & a free weekend.
We are going to take the cat over to the apartment for two days, which both me and Johan are looking forward too. We miss Kisse-Maja :( .. ^^

The situation in Japan is still a bit uncertain.
We still dont know if we can get there on our booked flight or if we can even re-book, or get any refunds. It kills me not knowing. Im looking at some foundations for Japan and wondering if I should send money. Of course I should, but if I can is the question. Im not rich. But maybe at least a small sum.


hey again

Back from work. I made it through. Again.
But I was sooo close to calling in sick.

The only reason I went to work, and found the strength, is because I try to keep my faith in Japan and that I will get there in a near time. Maybe not at the booked time, but at least this year. And that means that I will need my money. Tho,  I really hope to get there either in April or May..
But I think there would be difficult to find the right hotels since we will have to change so late..

im worried..
cant someone say anything positive??


follow the news on japanese tv live

UD has now said that they dont recommend any travels to either regions of Japan.
We will wait this out for one week and see what happens.We dont have alot of choices. We called our flight company and they said we Can not get any refunds, except 3000Kr for both persons. Also, we cannot change the date of the flight.
But, since UD has changed their recommendations we may be able to change our dates without loosing any money.
So that is our back-up plan if we cannot get to Kyoto.

Japan, in my heart & thoughts

Im back home from a hard day at work - but I made it through. Barely.
I got another day tomorrow, and I cant know if I will go or not. Im still sick, but most of all I feel very tired and depressed = no strength to take care of others.
Im looking at all the updates and I hope everything will be allright.

As it looks like now, we will travel to Japan. Maybe not Tokyo, but just as long as we can get to Japan we will be happy. Gosh.. words can describe how I feel.
How Japan feels right now.

Be safe.


deep in emotions and sadness.

strong emotions

another disaster in Japan.. their vulcano have erupted in the southern region.

It seems like its not a good time to visit Japan - and im really really sad.. almost like im getting into a depression. I dont want to eat. I dont want to work. I dont want to go out.
im just sitting infront of the tv or computer, iphone, updating the news.
I started crying as well when I read the news. I just want to get to the country that i've waited for, for over 6months. All the planning, and saving of money.. ive worked really hard to get to Japan, and now it seems like I maybe wont get there.. im so sad..
maybe i'll even call in sick tomorrow at work.. right now im not capable of taking the usual crap with a smile. im afraid i'll start crying or yelling instead.
Unless the meltdown at the powerplant wont happen, at least with a big concequens - we will leave to Japan.

gosh.. what are we gonna do..
whats gonna happen with Japan..

In need

I am watching all the news about Japan. Updating every newspaper and check all the broadcasts. Its scary.. im afraid of alot of things. I just hope everything will work itself out with the least damage it can.

For those who are interested.

and for those who have money to give, to the people in need;

First Scooter Trip of the year

We went out with the scooter, finally. And I got to try on my new clothes that I got as a christmas present. ^^

the trip to the ark took about 2hours. It was Really, really cold

the ark was pretty big, I must say!

dads making dinner for everyone - with a huge can of sausage

my brother was happy with the icefishing


gosh Ive had so much to do these last two days -- i havent had time to upload anything. or update.
ANYWAY, i wont do it today either because im simply to tired and im installing loads of shit for my iphone. and its boring. and that makes me mad.

tomorrow morning there will come alot of pics and continue during the day because I wont leave my house until I start work. and i have the afternoon shift tomorrow = updates

and i am really stressed out about the situation in Japan. I cant stop updating the newspapers on my iphone just.
im so scared that I cant go for our trip... uhh.. I have got to stop thinking about it. my stomache hurts to much. and of course, im scared about the nuclear reactor. if it blows up.. gosh, so many lives will die..

at last...

Going to check out a few stuff for tomorrows scooter trip!! Its gonna be so much fun :) And I hope to get some awesome nature shots! YEAH!!
Also, I just had to let you know. I got the memory card and battery yesterday - only one day after I've made my two orders, from two different companies. I must say that I am really happy with the service. It amazed me when it took so little time. XD


yes. I had two more pictures. Haha.


Yeah! I got COD Black ops yesterday by my friend as an early birthday present!! :D (since I will be in Japan on my actual birthday) Its awesome!
I tried it out today a few campaigns and nazi zombie multi. Scary big maps I must admit. But I think it will be cooler when you get to know the maps :)
Anyway, It was cool! 
Pictures to come later on today.


AH Three free days from work <33 It couldnt be better. Or, well, yes it could. I could win a zillion trillions of money so I wouldnt have to work ever again - but still. Its good.
Im really sick. My throat is still like a swullen toad and my nose is just rinning with.. gou.

Me, Johan and his dad are going to the new store to check it out and other stuff. They might take a look at our car and see if it can be fixed, and during that time I dont know what to do. Its boring.
I might just go home and write to that german guy. Or maybe film a small idea that I got at work.

ANYWAY, im bringing the camera. Might see something nice to shot.



I just ordered a Kingston 8GB memory card and a extra battery for my Canon.
I thought to myself; What if I stand in the beginning of the visit in Osaka Aquarium - and I realise that my battery is so low it dies when I turn it on. Or my memory card is full  - either way it would leave a devastated me.

Thats why I decided to order some extras, Just In Case.

thaisoup for Cindy

aliens and a swullen throat

Im sick. Uuuh..
I woke up from a scary dream about an experiment with Aliens that kinda exploded. The aliens were uncontrollable and started to kill everyone on earth. It was not fun. And the people I tried to save all the time, were idiots.
Woke up - And then I couldnt speak because my throat was like swollen like .. I dont know what. Now i've had cups of thé and honey and alot of coffé. I might do some warm berry soup as well.
I only have one more shift at work before I can take three days off and be with my boyfriend whom i've missed so much. <3 We have worked around eachother for a week or so.. not fun. When he got home, I went to work. When I get home, he is asleep and when I wake up he is at work - and around we go.

goin' schmonin'


Update for the new header


I went to buy my first ever - makeup. Well, not first-ever. But kinda. I've never bought powder. And this was the second time i've bought any foundation too. I felt like an idiot, because I had to ask for help.. but its their job to help so why not. Still I felt stupid. Here I am, almost 21 years old, and dont know makeup.

But jeez - Its lucky I havent cared about much make up until now. I mean, the prices are ridiculos! I can only think of all the money i've saved over the years by NOT buying powder or foundation.


Im on my way to the city with my grandma. Im gonna look at some foundations, etc, before I leave to Japan. I need my make up and be awesome there. Cant look like just one hill billy from sweden, right.
I've had three cups of coffé, showered, and I am ready to go!

... but I just have to wait for my grandma. haha.



the Tracey fragments - interesting edits, but to much
Gullivers Travels - hate it
Extract - weak story
Juno - as mentioned
Scott Pilgrim VS the world, or whatever - hate it



ah. well, this was a really quiet weekend.
In some ways, i've really missed just staying in for a whole weekend, watching movie after movie. It just remind me of whom I used to be.. before I had a boyfriend or a job. The times where I was so passionate with movies that I almost couldnt go one day without seeing one of my favourites.
Anyway, ive lost my mojo with writing because of new priorities.. but maybe, with this movie-weekend, I can start again. Im thinking on pitching my new movie to Film Pool Nord before I leave to Japan. Or maybe send my horror script to the german guy I met at the convention. I have to fetch his card he gave me.

The green hornet - hate it

the Switch - love it
I love you, man - love it
Youth in revolt - like'ish
Forgetting Sarah Marshall - love it

Today so far:
Juno - love it

yesterdays lunch

the Switch

I really liked this movie.
Now im finally gonna se, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.


I just woke up and I feel good. It sure would've been fun going out yesterday, but I really love not being hung over today. Im making some coffé and im thinking about seeing some movie.
I watched The green hornet yesterday - I must say it was better than I thought, but still bad.

Anyway, maybe a zombie marathon today ~
time will have to see. or just some videogames.


I wonder where my VHS Scooby movies are...


and now I got the stomach flu.


im so mad I want to cry.... and i think i might.

argt babbel:

ja, som sagt. min värld vill inte fungera den här veckan. Redan förra söndagen började allting gå åt helvete. veckan började med att jag måste arbeta två skift jag rentav hatar med hela min själ - och de dagarna gick åt fanders. bokstavligt talat. detaljerna vet vissa.
sen på tis-ons väntade jag mig ett paket som fortfarande inte hade kommit som jag beställt i söndags. det skulle bara ta en eller två dagar för det att komma. Nähe. Inget paket idag heller.
Sen blev det torsdag och jag fick nog. Jag skrev till företaget; vart fan är mitt paket.
och får som svar; oj konstigt. det är där. här har du kolli id nummer. tråkigt att det blev fel.
båda bil jävlarna vill fan ALDRIG fungera numera. och det betyder att jag ska knalla, med världens halkigaste skor, på hal mark & storm. jag halkade nog kanske 10ggr varje meter. DET ÄR JÄVLIGT IRRITERANDE.
sen kommer Johan och lämnar av en bil som han fått igång med starthjälp - men han råkar ställa bilen längst fram i jävla vallen, så när jag ska dra ut batteriladdaren - ramlar jag rätt ned i en meter djup snö. iskallt i mina fötter som nu är dränkt i isvatten. samt, jag hittar inte vart fan man får upp huven på biljäveln.
klockan närmar sig 23.15 och frustrationen ökar. vad fan ska jag göra. jag ringer johan som trycker bort mig två gånger. den tredje gången svarar han och är halvvaken och han fattar knappt vad jag behöver hjälp med. till slut la jag på, gick ut igen, rätt ned i meterdjupa snön - rev upp huven med alla mina krafter, drog ut batteriladdaren, som jag också tappar ned i snön. jag slänger sedan in allt i bilen, med snön och allt, kör fort som fan hem.
och det där var bara en detalj av mitt helvete. OCH JO! på toppen av det, har en jävla fet långtradare ställt sig i MITTEN av personal parkeringen så min bil var helt intryckt! jag kom knappt fram till högra sidan av dörren för se tryckt in sitt feta arsle så nära min bil. så när jag ska backa ut biljäveln, måste jag zickzacka mig ut ur parkeringen.
IDAG fick jag mitt paket som jag planerat att hämta när jag visste att en bil för en gångs skull fungerar. och när jag väl åker till ICA, och går upp för trapporna - inser jag att min börs, som jag slängde in natten innan i bilen, är kvar i arbetspåsen. JÄVLA HELVETE.
Jag ids inte åka tillbaka för jag är rädd att jag kommer köra över nån av min roadrage. så jag skriver till farsan om han kan skjutsa efter jobbet. då svarar han att han är på verkstan med sin bil. och kanske inte hinner.


Tonight I slept good. No really scary zombie dreams like I had last night - that was a nightmare on all stages.
Anyway, Im just sitting in my morningrobe, planning the rest of my day.
I have work for four hours before I can go on my beloved weekend. Also im going to the city to get my package that has finally come... no thanks to them. I had to write and search for it because they forgot to send an AVI. >>
By the way, yesterday was a day  of anger. I cant remember the last time I've been that angry. Maybe in 2008 when I broke up with my ex... But since then I havent been that mad as I was yesterday. It just wasnt my day.

Im thinking of if I should go out tonight or not.. Its going for "not going out". Im thinking on having my own zombie marathon this weekend instead. Someone up for it?? I got popcorn and perhaps, 5-10 zombie flicks! ^_^ perhaps more.. cant remember. :P

this is gonna bug the hell outta me

The question of whether or not I should go out tomorrow;

For: I will have a nice and long weekend without any hangovers and I can do pretty much what ever I want, without feeling nauseus.
Against: I will have a hangover.
For: The weekend will feel longer since I wont sleep off whole Saturday.
Against: The weekend will seem shorter, since I will sleep whole Saturday...
For: I will meet up with some people instead of being alone all weekend because my boyfriend is working.
Against: I will miss the little time I have to see my boyfriend...
For: If I dont go out tomorrow, I wont go out until I come back from Japan. So approximately after two months, I will go out again.
Against: Im not really feeling it. So why go out? - read all the "for"-sentences.



In exactly ONE MONTH I will be in Japan! Its so incredible! I cant belive it :)))
And with that in mind, here is a few sites in Japan I will visit to pscyhe me up~

100 Yen store

The Fushimi Inari temple



Kaiyukan Aquarium in Osaka
And for the first time see my beloved Beluga Whales <3





After a while, a huge nordic light came over - but sadly, my camera didnt focus and the light went by really fast. So this was the result.. not the best but at least something.

yeah well... I got a swedish pastry.


Well, my car wouldnt start. So there was no running-errands-in-the-town today.. it'll have to be tomorrow, or something. My friend came over for some coffé tho, and we watched some Big Bang Theory. More coffé to come after his work! Oh riiiight.
Anyway, I was all fixed for the day but when I realised I wont leave the apartment, the pyjamas was on <3


God it feels good to sleep after two really hard shifts at work.
I went to sleep 8pm yesterday and woke up 7.30am. NICE!

Now im gonna make some morning coffé etc and then Im gonna hit the town with my friend for some errands.

I have a real hankering for SNACKS!!

future shots


Im gonna try to take an awesome picture tomorrow night or in the weekend. Its gonna be so cool!
.. i hope.
Now im watching Big Bang Theory and freezing. Im so hungry, but cant eat until Johan comes home. Which is in about three hours or so. What can I eat that wont make me stuffed but yet full so I can survive and eat more later?


Im gonna watch these two the next few days - OCEANS seem so beautiful <33
and Scott pilgrim, mjah, Im skeptical.

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