きにょび ~ Friday


Im at work now - just finished my fourth room. (I clean rooms at a hotel.)
Right now im waiting for some more keys to come in so I can continue my work.. but hopefully non of them will ever come in so I dont have to clean anymore, ehehe...
My hand hurts.

Anyway, its friday! Yay for us all! ^_^
And today might be pretty special! Because with the new iPhone release in Sweden, I might get lucky today.
You see, my dad is buying the new iPhone - which leaves his old one without and owner, if you know what I mean - and so! He has promised to give his iPhone to ME! Yay! ^__^Y !!
AND! As soon as I get the phone, Im going to study japanese on it! They have so many apps, so I can practise my japanese on it :) Its perfect!
So, im really hoping to get the iPhone today.

What are you all people doing this weekend?:)


halloween,Shoes,studies & what?

I just got back from work some time ago. I am so very tired, my whole body is aeching.. if thats how you spell the word.
Im just looking forward getting back to bed to sleep again. Especially to the new pillows that Johan bought for me as a surprise gift! It was so cute :) I love them. <3 thank youuu.

anyway, This is going to be a picture-update with photos taken from this week so far. ^^

after I cleaned up my messy room, I lit my Halloween-candle and started to dream about those
wonderful few days of the year that is - Halloween.

I started to long back to New York where Halloween is a big deal. I remember when me & Johan walked in to a supermarket where there was TONS of halloween things everywhere - And I mean TONS.
I wanted to buy so much but didnt want to spend anymore money, so I settled with this awesome Frankenstein statue that has a evil laughter when pressed at his stomach. ^_^ <3

I took it easy with trying out my brand new Coca Cola glass with Pear-lemonade.
It was nice~

This was the outfit I wore this week... yesterday. I love the sweater.

I studied japanese in my new book aaaaand~

~practised some of my words on my Nintendo DS :) just for the fun of it.

and these are the new choes from CHINA!!! I LOVE THEM!!!
arent they great?! I've searched for shoes like this for some years now, and finally, I got them in my own possesion.

and that was all for todays upload from this week :)
leave some comments now, readers! :D


do You know who it is?

Im searching for a tattoo artist that was published at blogg.se some months ago.
I cant remember the name of the artist, but I was moved by the drawings.  They became famous as tattoo art, I think.
The drawings were of a japanese Woman, with waterfall, blood, trees, roots etcetera. Things was really .. grafic-looking. Nature looking.
I think the artist was from Asia somewhere, but not certain.

If you might know whom Im discribing - - please, write the name and I'll check if its the right artist.
I would really like to tattoo one of those art-pieces.

thank you!~


No problem, you dont have to write back now :D Im so happy!

tuesday Morning


Today at work there is almost nothing to to - its funny that way - one day, you have so much to do you feel like you are going to pass out, and then the next you feel like you are gonna fall to sleep any second o.O ..

This morning I got my shoes from China!! They are so pretty! But I didnt get to try them on because I had to go to work.. But I will try them on when I get home, and take pictures to show them to you guys! ^^
I hope that they fit. I was a little uncertain about the size.

Yesterday I cleaned my room. It got so pretty and comfortable! At first things were laying everywhere, and the dust was on all the furnitures, but now its all nice & clean. :) So, today when me and Johan are going to have kinda of like, "television night", we will lit candles and eat some nice food together.
Perfect -- in other words.

What are you people doing this evening?? ^_^


slaves Of today


gosh, last work week. Im so tired of this o.O
I wonder, how in the hell, humans are supposed to work until they reach the age of 65 or something. Working is so boring and hard... >>
I've worked so hard the last few hours I feel like im almost going to pass-out. Maybe I should drink something? 

During the work brakes, i've been practicing my japanese. - and im happy to declare, that its going really well! I hope that I will be able to keep the entusiasm going. In this paste, I will learn alot until the trip!
I dreamt tonight that I was in Japan already.
I think im getting the so called, "travel fever". Getting a bit afraid but at the same time im so excited, you know?? In my dream no one spoke english and we couldnt find anywhere.
And then there's the money issues... ((O.O))..

Anyway, im certain that things will work out. Nothing to really worry about - just to bad that im the worrying-kind.


more Photos

Genki desu?:D How are you?

So, nothing much happened yesterday. I tried to watch Aliens 2, but I got to tired and fell asleep. >>..
Tomorrow Im starting work again. But this time only for one week.
Looking forward to the money - but not the work, if you know what I mean.. hehe-

Here are some photos from the trip to Stockholm~

I took these from the airplane. I thought they looked pretty cool!

This is at the "Old Town"- part of stockholm.



so, there arent alot more photos to show than that.^^ The other I have weren't all that much to see.
Hope you liked them anyway~
Now im gonna go study some japanese and eat something, I think.


shopping Update

Konnichiwa! ~

How are you all?:) I just got back to town a few hours ago, and it feels great!!
Im so happy to be back because I missed my cat and the sweet cold Kiruna weather. I havent been able to sleep very good in Stockholm because of the heat so, but tonight! ... im gonna sleep good.
I have taken a few shots and bought alot of stuff! I will today upload the things I bought there and tomorrow, I think, the rest of the trips photos will be shown. ^_^
Also, I filmed Johan while he skated, and he is putting up a video on youtube of what I filmed; sooo, here is the link; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHKe3CvdR2I

I added a DVD to my Disney Collection!! So happy!

I couldnt resist buying the Brothers Grimms story complete story book.
Since I was a kid I loved his stories and now I will get to read them all~

- and this pretty picture on the front of the book. So magical!

- and this magnificent poet and author; Edgar Allan Poe.
I will finally read all about his mysterious stories.

These Awesome "The legend of Zelda - Ocarina of time" pocket manga books!!
I've already read the first one. Its so fun :)

and the last but not least, I went in to an Japan shop, which I have ordered many things from before,
and found this really cute japanese-learning book. I had to have it, and I've already started to learn more!
This book is going to have a great use when I visit Japan in April (^__^)

I bought some more things, but they arent that fun to show, like a skirt. :P
But tomorrow more pictures will come!

ki o tsukete!

bye Bye birdie

おはようございます!Good morning!

Today is my last work-day for one week. Im leaving to Stockholm at 15.15pm today and I will be gone for 9 days.
So that means that I wont be able to update my blog, If I dont have a computer there I can borrow of course.
But I will take lots of photos and then upload them all!
Im hoping to take beautiful pictures at grand graveyards and within the city.

Now im off to work!
Have a lovely day everyone!




my picture were in another newspaper today as well! How cool is that ^_^
im happy.


When I woke up today it was thunderstorm - pretty weird to have that in our part of the country at the morning. So that was a new experience.
BUT! I have something fun to say :) I sent in some pictures to a local magazine two days ago, to see if it would make it - and today while reading the newpaper, I found my picture in it!
I know its not that big of a deal, but I was so happy even so :) Someone must've liked it if they put it in the papers, so it makes me glad that someone likes my work.

Three days left until I quit work! and soon Stockholm! ^_^
Im so happy!

kitty-News and head bumps

im so very tired...

in my body and head. My arm hurts like hell - (I hurt my arm as a kid and it never healed.) so, it hurts doing small things.
and, as the clutz I am, I've bummed my head three times in two days.
First time I hit it in a door when I bent down to get my bucket, and the door slammed shut at my head.
The second time, I bent down to get my rag and the window flew open while I bent down, so I hurt my head at the windows edge - it hurt very very much.
And the third time, I hit it at Johans grandmas & grandpas house while looking in the attic.

so - Gosh~~
im so very tired...

my cat was very cute last night. He slept in a supermarket-bag.

another day soon,
good night - oyasuminsai

happy Thoughts


I have many announcements today --
I'll start with today I uploaded three new videos to my Youtube Channel. So please! Go watch them! :)
Here are the links to each video;
1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HruMgvZoJjc       
2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ubPqCYtXm4
3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJgm4eOlSBI

One video about my photography, one video with a cute funny car crash and one video with photos so you can see how the snow melts here in Kiruna. Hope you will like them!

Otherwise, I have some photos that I've taken over the weekend. ^__^

.ego pics for you guys. ((..))

This is some of the food I made for Fridays romantic day!
Cucumber with watermelon, some dip and strawberrys!
I also made for the real dinner, Tacos :)

I wore Johans favourite socks at our romantic evening. ^_^

and this is just something I made just for the fun of it.

Hope you are all allright!
Tomorrow I will start my LAST week at my work before I leave to Stockholm with Johan! :D
Im looking forward to it, so much!


Hello :)

So yesterday was perfect!! More than perfect!<33
I will put up some pictures of it tomorrow I think :) I'll have to see when I get the time to edit..
I might go with my brother and his son and take photos at a playground today, so maybe I will get something more unusual to upload for a change. ^_^
The movie Eclipse -- was so good! I really loved it! And I didnt think that they left out
any major parts from the original books either, so I was very pleased with the result of the movie.
I will definitely buy that one as well!

.this is my voodoo doll. Cool isn't it?.


the Romantic parts of life

Good morning! Ohayogozaimasu!

Im at work now - just got here. It seems to be pretty much work today, which will be fun in the way that the working-daywill go by faster.
I just want to go home so I can prepare for me & Johans romantic evening. ^^ Im cooking dinner and pre-course (or however it spells), then we will go to a movie; Eclipse -- and then come home and watch another movie. Its going to be so great :) lit candle and all that!
I think I will take some shots of it if I get the time to do it. 
Anyway, yaay! Its going to be perfect! <3


movie HD


Yesterday I walked; about 13 500 steps.
So far, today, I've walked; 11 917 steps.
- not so many steps T_T

BUT! I looked at my weight today, and I've dropped 2 Kilos!! IM SO HAPPY!
Im only 1 Kilo from my goal-weight! Isnt it great?!?!
Soon, so very soon, I will be at the top of my goal - finally!
There hasnt been that much to do at work today, but it was hard anyway. Lots of things to carry which makes my body ache.. but on friday there will be much to do! AND a special day for me and Johan. I will tell you about it tomorrow instead. ^__^;;

I made a quick, bad edited, movie for those foreigners who would like to see what Kiruna is like during the summer. Of course, of someone else is interested; please feel free to watch. ^^
Go to this link to watch the movie; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHU23SQwRWE

this picture is from the movie~
Anyway, me and Johan are going to watch the Wolfman soon! but First drop of some things
at the cabin for my mom.


Good morning! Ohayogozaimasu!~

So, I have an small announcement! Today is the celebration of me and Johans 1 year and 2 months! ^_^ hehe.
Im happy! So congrats to us!

This picture was taken last summer.
It was the best summer of my life. <3

I love you, Johan

picture Update!

I just got back home from work - I am soooo tired!! But I cant go rest, no no. Im going with Johan to do a mission, and we are going to skate there. Im nervous. Wish me luck?

Here are the pictures from yesterday and past week!~

I picked some flowers last week. They were purple and cute - but they died pretty quick..

so, as I said yesterday I cooked dinner!


my cat tagged along as always~

I ate some cherrys while I cooked everything.. hehe


it was very good! I must say. Rice with fried chicken with thai-spices and mini-corn with orange peppers!

ups and dates

Hi everyone!

Today I walked; about 16 000 steps   ( !! )

Its been a long day.
It has been a thunderstorm for some hours now, and ive been scared.. as well. It was pretty scary at one time.
Havent done that much today after work. Cooked dinner for Johan and delivered it to him and cooked a really awesome lunch meal for me for tomorrows work! (some pictures of it will be uploaded tomorrow.)
I think that my newest passion is to cook dinner. Its really fun! Especially when you have someone to cook for and they like it as well.
Wonder what I'll learn to cook next... and what wonderful things I will learn to cook in Japan! *_*

anyway, Im not at my own computer and internet right now, so I cant upload any pictures. :(
But tomorrow I will upload a few that i've taken today (as mentioned before) and some days ago!~ 

So, just keep a look out tomorrow :)
Now im going to take it easy and hope that Johan comes home soon - I miss him.



holy jikes there's so much to do at my work today!!!    ((O.o))

nighty Night


The strawberrys were out at the store so we bought watermelon instead - Yummy!~ (Misato-chan, how do you say "yummy" or "good" in japanese??^_^)

Anyway, I havent done all that much today. Been out driving the car alot, doing some errands with Johan and we also ate Waffles with ice cream and jam at his grandma & grandpas' house. It was really good!
Me & Johan are going to eat more watermelon now and watch Avatar.
Lets see if its as good as everyone say it is! But I doubt it.

I started to loose weight last week. I want to loose about two-three pounds.
I got this step-counting thing, so this is the count of how much i've been walking last week;

Day 1:  about 9500 steps
Day 2:  about 11 500 steps
Day 3:  about 14 933 steps
Day 4:  about 13 000 steps

I hope that this week I will have walked much more steps. :) They say that you should walk 15 000 steps everyday if you want to loose weight.
Lets hope I get it!
Tomorrow its work time again and I will be up at 6 a.m making myself ready. Its going to be hard waking up that early!

good night!


Good Morning!~

So, the time here in Sweden is now 10.05 a.m.
Me & Johan are going to recycle some cans and save up some money - then maybe buy some strawberrys and whipped cream~

Last night we also saw the movie, Slumdog Millionare. The movie wasnt what I thought it would be, since alot of people seem to like it.
I dont really know what I thought about it either, it wasnt good but not bad either. It was watch-able. An allright movie. But not what everyone say its cracked up to be.

This night we slept with the window open, and guess what... the mosquitos somehow got in even tho the window just was slightly open - and I woke up with 4 new itching bites while Johan had none... again.
The mosquitos sure do love my blood, thats for sure. They always pick me! Its driving me insane. (>>")..

anyway, now im off to the road!

.picture from yesterday.


dont Drink & drive


Its getting really hot in my town! Its great -- but its really hot. >>
So far today me and Johan have been driving people around ( since they have been drinking yesterday at kiruna Festivalen, we are the designated drivers today.)
We have visited some people, been to the festival it self to eat some good festival-food.

Right now we are just taking it easy. ^_^
Hope everyone has a lovely evening!
I might upload some pictures later or just update the blog.


late Night?

Hello everyone!
I just got back home with my fiance. We were invited to a barbeque and it was very nice there :) Good food, good people. But since we are saving up money to Japan, we didnt stay to long for drinks and such so soon we are going to watch a classic horror movie; Pet Cematary from my dvd collection.
Im looking forward to showing Johan this movie - since I am a huge fan of it.


hope you all have a good night!

important Topic


Today I want to write about something different than what I usually write here on my blog.
I wanted to talk about a topic that I feel isnt brought up as much as it should..

But here is the problem - why arent the small breasted women anywhere?
For me, as a young woman, I feel like im not good enough if I dont have bigger breasts. Like we who have smaller ones, arent allowed to wear sexy lingerie. We arent allowed to be 'wanted'.
There have been alot of comossion about Bigger ladies that also wants to feel sexy and so they get bigger clothes etc, and then there are the normal ones of course -- but what about us really small ones??
There have been so many times where I've found a good looking bra that I would want to have, but I cant buy it since it doesnt have small sizes. It makes me so depressed to walk inside lingerie stores, I just want to turn back out. There have been months before I felt that I had the courage enough to walk inside a store.
Lately, ive felt more confident about my small body because of my fiance. But still when I get to those stores I just want.. to get out. I feel un-complete - not a woman. Does anyone know what im talking about??
We with smaller ones can buy like.. sports bras - and then what?? Thats not attractive. >>
A very scary question has popped up in my head during all these years; "Do I have to get a boob-job to feel pretty?"
No woman should ever have to think that question and I bet that almost every young woman thinks so today.
Im only 154cm tall - im tiny allright. Its hell to find clothes that fit my body. Recently ive been ordering clothes from Asia which have fit my body so much better - but it isnt supposed to be like that. I shouldnt have to order from another country to find fitting clothes!
If someone knows a site with a broad range of lingerie - please, let me know.
I dont want to feel like an alien or that im not good enough anymore.

I too want to be able to go into those stores and look happily through the shelfs, looking for the perfect underwear to buy - and just simply feel like a woman.
thank you for reading through all this, and if you have any comments about the text --

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