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Some update from Today. :)

Maybe I should explain the swedish writings from Japan - I mostly wrote so that family can read about our trip. My english readers, can use other translations things, like google translate, if you like to know what Im writing.
But my ordinary day updates will be written in english as normal.

Second day at home and things are happening fast! After we got home yesterday we went to my dads place where we had some barbeque and some family came to visit and get their souvenirs. It was a really nice day :)
But we were really tired so we got to bed at 9pm. Eehhheee..

Today we have been running more errands as buying some cat stuff! We will be getting our cat maybe next week or the one after that. It depends.
Also we have been moving around in the apartment because Johans mother has gotten her things so we need to change rooms etc. We now got a computer room, haha. Its working out nicely.
Maybe another moving-in-party? Hmm

my criminal looking family

Japan - Day 1


Om cirka en timme eller så landar vi i Japan. Det har varit en otroligt lång resa, men i det stora hela helt okey.
Till Doha var det lite läskigt med turbulens, men maten & servicen var prima!
Bytet i Doha var creepy. De hade byggt stängsel runtom samt murar i vitt tegel som skapade en känsla av att man inte riktigt var fullkomligt välkommen - eller åtminstone inte helt trygg. Visst, om de vill ha stängsel. Det är ju förståeligt. Men stängseln de valt var väldigt taggiga och .. ja, såg ut att tillhöra Guantanamo Bay.

Allting gick dock smidigt när man väl kommit in till flygplatsen och gått igenom säkerhetskontrollerna. Det var bara att byta flyg och vidare.
På det här flyget var det inte heller så mycket folk. Om det hade något att göra med Fukushima olyckan kunde man inte lista ut, men det var inte många människor. Men jag mös på med min saknade film, Aristocats~

Berg vid Japans kust. Vi trodde det var Mt.Fuji, men icke.

Pendeltåget från Kansai Airport - Kyoto Station. Resan tog kanske ungefär 1h 30min från
flygplatsen. Och jag slutade aldrig gapa medan vi såg ut på utsikten man fick av tåget.

Vårat hotellrum i Kyoto

Och den första inhandlade maten med inkluderande pinnar.
Bilden nedan med tofflorna, menas med att man inte fick ha skor på mattan.
Så då fick man tofflor. :)

back to basics

So ! Im back in Sweden - Kiruna. It feels great! And somewhat .. mjeh. as always.
Im making dinner with my family and havent even been home. For more than changing clothes etc.
From tonight, or tomorrow, (depending on how tired I am) updates will start coming with pictures and diary writings from Japan. :)
Also some HD movies will come up as soon as possible.


So, im in Japan, Kyoto now. And have been for some time now, 9 days to be exact. Life here is very different but oh, so beautiful. Ive decided to Not update here in the blog due to lack of time. So I thought that when I get home, I will update day by day and copy what ive written in my day travel journal. That way, I can show pictures while you read the happenings of the day.
It just seemed like the best idea. So, when I get back home the 29th April *I get to sweden the 27th, but our flight home goes at 29th* you can expect alot of updates with both pictures and HD movies from our visit here.
Tomorrow we are going to Nagoya! See you!

Förberedande - Preparing

Traveling diary

Packat. Klart.
-- re-check. Packat. Klart.

... titta igen. Allt är med. Eller?
Det är nog the downside med resandet. Att konstant tro att man glömt det viktigaste. Typ mobilladdaren, kartor, namn på hotell, pass eller biljetter etc.
Nåja. Snart är det försent att komma på vad man glömt - och snart fylla väskan med onödiga men ack ändå så nödvändiga, vackra ting.

Packed. Done.
-- re-check. Packed.Done.
... look again. Everythings packed. Right?
Thats the downside with traveling. To constantly believe that you forgot the most important things. Like the cellphone charger, maps, name for the hotels, passport or tickets etc.
Well,well. Soon its to late to remember what you forgot  - and time to fill the bag with unecessary things but oh still so necessary, beautiful things.


So. Its time.
In a few hours I will be on my way to Stockholm and tomorrow .. Japan, Osaka.
It feels incredible. :) Anyway, this will be my last update on the blog before I get to Japan. I wont take my computer with me, but I think there is a computer to borrow at the ryokan we are staying at.
But, anyway, keep an eye to the blog and you might see some Japanese-updates~

Wish me the best of time!! :D




She feel asleep again in my lap. <3 Im so inlove, haha.
Anyway, time is running out for our time here in Kiruna. Or Sweden for that matter. It is now, 3 days left, 2 if you count that today is almost to its end. Im getting a bit psyched up. People are saying that I have the "travel-fever".

It has made me quite hormonal and clumsy. eheheee..


I thought I was doomed

Yeah, so, I thought I knew where my PASSPORT was. Tho I didnt.
I had this clear memory of me looking at the passport and watching the stamps from when we were in USA. But, here's the thing; It wasnt my passport. It was Johans.
Sooo, that means that I didnt know where my passport was. And I had no idea where it could be either.

Me and Johan started to tare the apartment apart to see where it was - and we couldnt find it. Here I almost started to panic - "what if, after all this fucking problems, I cant go there because.. I've lost my passport?"
I ran out to the car, drove up to my moms place and almost crashed in two cars. Two individual happenings = different times.
I ran to my room, my cat watching me like I was crazy - tore my old room apart - and there I found it.
In a box that I was suppose to take to my new place, but had forgotten. There in that small box filled with stuff, a red small book.. Mm, you cant imagine my relief. Gosh.


My travel-bag. Its huge so I can buy alot of stuff. ehehehe.


I took a bit longer sleep-in than I thought.
But it was great. :) Heheheh.. I only have one more night to sleep in my own bed. So, I need to take advantage of that!
Now its coffé time + MadMen. Then some errands again. Pictures will come!

old pic

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