up And away

Hello! こんにちは!

Today my roadtrip begins!
- so I will just load some pics before I leave and try to take lots of pictures on my way :D
Have a great weekend!

It started snowing a few days ago, Dont know if you can see the snowflakes, but at least
the blurr up ahead - thats snow-fog :P





cleaning Doing playing

Hello! こんにちは!

I tought that today, im just gonna show you all the images and write under the pictures. ^_^
- and since I was pretty slow today in my upload, I will load up some extras.



I started to play my new game that I got for my birthday, Zelda Spirit Tracks!!



Before & After

but before I started to play, I cleaned my room.



I tried to take something of myself for you, but sadly enough, not fotogenic or
something like that.



My cat sat in a plastic bag. He loves it.



I drew a vampire-girl. I so wish that I could draw...
I really try, but I dont seem to get better.


I really love the extra hole in my ear.<33




happenings Of one day

Hello! こんにちは!

How are you all?? Good I hope. :)
Yesterday I went over to my brothers house where I tried to take some photos of his son.
Linus, as you might recognise him as, wasnt in a good-picture-mood, but I got some pics of him
This weekend I will be away for one day, and might not be able to upload on friday/saturday, but on my small roadtrip I will bring my camera and see what wonderful things I might capture ^__^

I got some nice photos of my cat! Isnt he kawaii??
Here is one of them.

Linus :)

Linus is watching his favourite movie, that he watches every day when he gets home.
Its about a train and he is really hooked when its on.

Later at night when me and my fiance got home, my cat was in play-mood.
He got up on his shoulders and hanged out for a while.
Got some really cute pics from it :D

Watch out for tomorrows upload,
and please, feel free to comment more and
if you want, let your friends know about this blog
to give even more comments. ^_^


pictures From my day

Hello! こんにちは!

I made some rice for dinner ~

I went with my fiance to the skatepark where I helped to build.
This is the room where you can go and warm up yourself if it gets

Me and my fiance tasted some japanese chocolate that I bought for him
at his birthday. It was very good, and tasted like Pocky.


birthday Girl me

Hello! こんにちは!

So - now Im not so little anymore - not in age anyway...
A grown up -  20   - years old. Going on 30.. wow, isnt that a sad thought? Right?

I had a wonderful birthday anyway.
The day before I turned twenty, me and relatives from out of town celebrated me with a barbeque of my choice and cake etc. It was really good!!
I got my wonderful beloved camera, Canon Eos 500D, which I will show some test footage and HD-video (tho the video will come up later, because I noticed some errors on my computer).
The next day - on my real birthday - it was mostly just coffe and a cake that me and my grandma baked.
Me and my fiance went to take some test shots and such.
Oh! And I also got Zelda Spirit tracks for DS, and New Moon & some make up. It was nice. :)

now im not gonna babble so much more,
here! The first footage of my OWN camera! :D

I will let you know when the HD-test movie is uploaded at youtube. ^_^


non Other

Hello! こんにちは!

how are you all??
Tomorrow I will go to some parties, and I am looking forward to it.
I might take a shot to show you all what I wore. ^_^ if I find the time.

On sunday it is my birthday, and I will bake my favourite cake of all times - and looking so much forward to have a day of my own, even if it sounds selfish.hehe  :)
It will be fun.


oh My

Hello! こんにちは!

Sorry that I havent uploaded anything - I was busy all day yesterday and I didnt even have my computer.
Me and my friend spent most of the day gaming Call of Duty - World at war yesterday, it was real fun!
on a big tv screen as well, hehe.

I've seen the camera im gonna get on my birthday - it is so LOVELY!!<3

Here are some pics from the trip again;

In this picture I tried to catch some reindeers crossing the path.
You can see some of them, but not really.. just in the bigger pictures that I have.
To bad. But nice view anyway.


Also I started a drawing yesterday.. its very different from what I usually draw..




last Trip of the season

Hello! こんにちは!

Yesterday I took my last snowmobile trip for this season.
It was a fun day - tho it was very windy up in the mountains. Some scary parts as well as I fell through an shell of ice then landed on rocks and hurt my leg. That part wasnt so fun. :P
But over all - a nice experience.

I took some nice shots which I will show you here, and some will be put up later on :)

They had built small cabins all over the mountains - and I have no idea what
they are used for. But they are cute tho.

We saw lots of wonderful birds - dont know the english name, but in swedish they
are called; Ripa
- and I tried my best to take a photo but they kept running away.. So,
just a feather of the beautiful creatures was taken.

This is a cabin as well, but I dont know what these are for either. :P But

We found the most beautiful place to take photos at!
So serene and full of harmony - this was the highlight of the trip seeing this.

This little house is built for tourists to go inside and look at maps,
and get other information.


nothing Other than me

Hello! こんにちは!

Im sorry - Sumimasen - But I dont got any new pictures so I just took some of myself to update on various internet websites. ^__^
AND I promise that I will take something new soon. I will get a camera of my own at my birthday next week, so I think I will have lots of new inspiration!
I have already planned some pictures to take this summer. It will be great.

The first photo of my new pierced ear :D

and this is almost the only picture of me smiling intentionally. :P


need Need

Hello! こんにちは!

Yesterday my fiance had his 20th birthday ~
so, congrats again to him :)

Today I have done some necessary things like fill out some papers and such. I am also looking around for a prom dress thats in June. I think I've found what I want and I am getting pretty excited to see the dress done. :)

I havent got any good pictures to show, so I just edited some pictures I've taken a long while ago.
- and I tried to edit a cupcake, aaand.. this is the result - not that perfect. XD ^_^..



testing Of various things

Hello! こんにちは!

Here are some photos from this morning^__^

I ate some fruits for lunch.

It was really yummy!


I tried out some new editing work.




a Happy day

Hello! こんにちは!

What are you doing? あなたがやっていること?

Today I have been cleaning up in my room and looking for a promdress-pattern and fabric.
I think that I've found what I want. ^__^;
- I also went to do another hole in my earlobe. Its not in the picture, just the new piercing I put in my first holes.(I did the new hole after I took that shot.)
I am really, really satisfied with it tho!

Today I got some daily-bad-pictures for you! ENJOY!^__^

For any of you who want to see more 'regular day' pictures of mine, go to this website; http://gothochblandat.bilddagboken.se
I think that is the correct adress. Anyway, there I put out more pictures, but nothing fancy.
I also entered a competition at;  Kalasgott and the price is a kit of Cupcakes thingies! My favourite products from www.lyckasmedmat.se is; Digital kitchen thermometer, American Steakhouse spices & Apple pealer!
so pretty and useable.
- so enter and take a look if you feel interested~


This is a really bad photo, but still, might be fun to see.
That was my outfit a few days ago~



This is my new furniture in my room. Isnt it beautiful??


in Need of inspiration and time

Hello! こんにちは!

There are so much happening that I dont got time to seek inspiration for new photos..
Im sorry.
I am almost out of pictures on my computer!
Anyway, soon all our snow has melted away - and that means its almost time to bring out the skateboard and re-learn everything again. I started to skate last summer, but it has been on time out during wintertime.
I hope that I will learn the Ollie better this year! - And to drop in a ramp would be awesome.

Me last summer on the skateboard for almost the first time.

This is a picture I took last year with my fiances analog camera.
In the picture, its Johan ( my fiance ) and a dog we were watching for
a relative of mine.


this & that

Hello! こんにちは!

Well, alot to do these days!
So - I'll just put up everything and not talk that much.
Hope you like them!~

This picture is taken by my fiance, Johan Haapalahti -
and its me on the picture. ^__^

Here are some reindeers in the forest where we passed by. I didnt
get a good shot, but if someone wishes to see them in a bigger
picture, just let me know and I'll send them right over.


life Continues

Hello! こんにちは!

I have been a bit off lately. My grandpa has gotten more sick and yesterday he passed away to the afterlife.
(Rest in peace... ) It was a sad day, and still from time to time tears come.

anyway - therefore - there havent been that many uploads lately, but,
Tomorrow there will be a big upload to make up for my abscense here on my photoblog from this weekends adventure and from the week.

So keep an extra eye to my adress tomorrow afternoon!^_^


the Afterlife


I didnt know you very well but
hope you had a great life.

turning Point

Hello! こんにちは!

again, things are happening in the bad sense in my life.
I dont have much to say, but I will upload tomorrow when im more clear in my head. I can seem
to really get a gr
- and I might have gotten some time over to try and edit some other pics from my weekend trip.


easter Holiday

Hello! こんにちは!

How are you all? :)

Im very tired. I've been out for two days, riding the snowmobile. It has been so much fun! But exhausting!
- and sometimes pretty scary.
But an amazing experience and lots of things to see in the nature.
I didn't get that many great shots.. which made me a bit sad to find out when I got home to look at them on my computor.
What have you done this holiday? ^^
Here are some pictures from the weekend trip, enjoy!

The view was spectacular on the mountains. It kinda looked like Canada.





This is inside the ark where my dad and some relatives stayed in when they
were.. lets say, like camping, outside. They did some icefishing and such.


We went up some huge mountains and had a spectacular view.
Just a shame that it doesnt show how beautiful it really was.
I will try to make a panorama from the view tho.

There might come more pics tomorrow :)



easter Celebrations

Hello! こんにちは!

Hope that your easter har been going allright!
Here in Kiruna, the weather completely changed. It has been foggy and raining for hours, so no snowmobile for me and Johan today. We will go out tomorrow instead. :)
But we visited my mother, grandma, grandpa, brother and his kid in a cabin outside town - and I took some pictures. Hope you like them :)
I took some house-photos also for those foreigners who read my blog so you can see how swedish small cabins look like.
- and I must mention.. sadly for the house pics, I couldnt move where I wanted to, because of all the snow everywhere. I could only go in the paths that they had dug up.

This is the front of the cabin.

This cabin belongs to another relative of mine.

Meet my brothers son, Linus. :)


exciting Adventure

Hello! こんにちは!

Good morning! おはようございます!
Now things are happening here in town. Families are rushing here and from two people in one apartment it will grow to a full house, if you know what I mean.
Today its just socialising with everyone but tomorrow the adventures will begin! ^^
Me and my fiance are taking the snowmobile and riding out to where my family is in the woods.
Then it will be more snowmobiling during the weekend too I hope.

AND hopefully I get to take some pictures aswell! :D




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