timing Timing timing

Hello! こんにちは!

phew! Finally back home from work and all that. I tried to take another photo to upload today on some beautiful flowers -- but the light from the sun didnt really want to cooperate with me. grrr.
I waited for the sun to come back about 15 minutes, but it didnt. So I'll just have to wait until next time I pass the same flowers. ^__^
Here are some more pictures from yesterday and from Midsummer! ~


-one of my favourite tshirts-


I took up my old tarot/magic stuff yesterday. I thought that maybe I should re-learn
how to do the whole tarot cards thing -- And my cat just had to be there too.


It was quite fun! And the reading from the cards seemed to be very
insightful. All of the explanations fit into my personality. Cool huh?


I took a funny picture of my new Batman figurine with my New York painting.

.ego pic of yesterday.


from Tansjärv. It was thunderstorm, or whatever you call it. I didnt catch any lightnings,
but the sky was pretty cool! Really dark but still a hint of sun within the angry clouds.


We went to see the waterfall at Jokkfall. This is not the waterfall itself tho, its just the
water stream From the waterfall...


しごと ~ work

おはよございます!Good morning!

おげんきですか?How are you?^_^   (im trying to get more japanese/hiragana/katakana into my blog. It helps me learn the language a bit more. some things I know, but i cant promise that all words are correct of course..)

Im at work right now. Its a really slow day - which is good in its ways. But I would like to move a bit more during the days. You know, stay in shape while doing something useful? hehe.
This morning I was really tired, I just wanted to stay in bed for years -- it seemed. But I got up fortunitely so i can make some money.
This weekend it is Kiruna Festival - which is a big event in my small town. Me and Johan arent going there since we are saving up money for the Japan trip, but we will go there during the day and eat some great food tho!
Then we are just staying in over the weekend. Its going to be great :) ~
We both arent really that into festivals anyway.

Well, im off to work again!
See you!

celebrations At midsummer x2

Hello! こんにちは!

How are you all??
I just finished some editing and here are some more shots ^__^
-- I just wanted to remind you all, also, that I know I have readers but not many comments.
Please -- would you mind to say something about my photos?? Do you like them?Dislike?? Etc.
I would be really happy if you could just let me know something.

And I started thinking about some things today, about the bad things about myself. And maybe, I should try and accept them more in a positive way.
-- it might make other people re-think about their own 'bad' qualities and make them feel good.
Anyway, im gonna think about putting one sentence per day, about the bad things of Me and making it more positive.
what do you think about that idea???good, bad?

We visited briefly my grandpas old house in Finnland.
The mosquitos were EVERYWHERE!!

Me out on a walk with Johan :) but I looked ugly in this pic, so I just
made it black and white.. hehhe

I tried the new icecream from Ben & Jerry. It was no more than Awesome!
I like it.

This is outside of the cabin where we stayed. We are barbequing some meat and such.
It was very good!... Soooo good.

I got a few pictures left, but I'll put them up tomorrow. ^^
Now im going with Johan to eat at my grandma & grandpas house!

Have a nice day!

celebrations At midsummer

Hello! こんにちは!

I have been in a hurry today, so I didnt have the time to edit all of the photos.
But here are two of the shots i've taken! ^__^

First night, I think, at Tansjärv. The lake was very serene.

We did alot of barbeque-ing every night. It was awesome!
.. except for the mosquitos.

a very creepy spidey hanging on the window!
- and I also had a spider in my hair. It scared the jeebies out of me.

I will upload more pictures tomorrow. Probably sometime after work.
Have a wonderful night!

back In town

Hi everyone,

I got back home late last night and now im at work.
Im going to try and edit some pictures for tonight and upload! I'll just have to see what I can manage to do.
I end my work pretty late, at 16pm, so..

but I got some interesting pictures on the trip ^_^
Hope you all had a nice weekend too!

oh Happy package

Hello! こんにちは!

Gosh --- im so very sick.
I had to edit real quick because I just feel very ill, and I want to go lie down for  a while...
so sorry...


I made some "nyponsoppa". It makes me feel better when im sick.

and lit my last scented candle on my messy table.

.clothes from China.




I love everything! Especially the pants and the blue/white/black-shirt~




Im at my lunch break now -- really sick and snurveling --
but I got my clothes from China today!! Im so satisfied.^_^
I will upload some pictures of them tonight and some pictures from yesterday  night. :)

so, keep a look out!


Hello! こんにちは!

I just got back home from the first day at work!
I havent worked for almost a year - so it was a nice change to do something good for a change. - and make money. hehe.

I have gotten really sick... my nose is plugged and my throat hurts -- it doesnt feel that good. But I was happy at work today even so.
Hope that I get better until Thursday - when we are going to celebrate Midsummer, or however the name is in english. :P and I will take lots of pictures! .. hopefully.
Me and my fiance booked our pre-ticket to Eclipse today :DD I am so excited! ~
Later tonight im going to try and write more on the script - just hope that I dont fall asleep, because I've been up since 1.am today. I couldnt sleep because of my sickness.
wish me luck?

Waaah this is a happy day!



I've been thinking alot on our trip to Japan - I am looking
so much forward to it!!!~

have a wonderful day!

someones Thrash - someones treasure

Hello! こんにちは!

Today I woke up at around 7am as usual. I watched a movie with my fiance and then we went out to a garagesale, or, fleemarket  -- whatever.
There I found another collectible figure for my collection of figures! I found this Batman. It only cost 10Sek,
and I feel very pleased with it. It looks very cool, and who doesnt love Batman!

Later today Im going to continue to write on my mannuscript! ~
Have a lovely day. またね!

high Definition

Hi again!

A new video at youtube, testing my new HD camera.
To see the video, to to this link; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zC8l5FaItAM

Thank you!~

trying Your best

Hello! こんにちは!

Today I have been reading through my first horror manuscript  -  and I've been writing my new one. (Also in the same genre, I suppose.)
I feel really good about my ideas and I hope that someone else in the movieworld, will like them too.
I am really optimistic about my future in film. ^_^
- you can never know what happens.

Im going to put up more pictures at Bilddagboken, so if you have an account, you can check me out there aswell! ; http://bilddagboken.se and my name there is gothochblandat

Here are some ego-pics of me that I will share with you today...

dance Dance dance

Here is the link to my new dance at youtube; http://www.youtube.com/Gothochblandat
or this link; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ff6g9MYOpso

Please check it out and comment. ^_^

hello Inspiration

Hello! こんにちは!

It has been a pretty allright day today!
I got some inspiration to take photos and all that. This week i've been training for a new dance to put up - and I filmed it yesterday - so as soon as I get the time I will edit it then it will be up on youtube! I will link it to you from here as well. ^_^ AND I've filmed my cat in HD as testing for youtube. That will also be up on youtube soon.
Anyway, today I took a walk to the cemetary where I love to take photos.
I didnt get that many tho, because I was in a rush and that equals, what people? No inspiration, yep.
So I just rushed through everything and that was that.
But luckily I got some nice photos of my cat today as well! So, here are some new shots;

This one is a bit different than the others, but I liked it anyway.

he is so CUTE~

Me & Kisse-Maja sat on the balcony while I rested and took notes on new ideas
for my new movie manuscript im working on. ^_^
( /and read about Japan. :P)

my Fiances graduation

Hello! こんにちは!

How are you all?^_^
It has been kind of an stressful week for my part - but things will all work out for the best I hope.
Last friday my fiance graduated!! I am so happy and proud of him - words cannot express.
I took alot of photos during that day, but I just chose a few photos that I personally liked the best.

Today I have been trying to get more inspiration for a manusscript of mine that I was thinking of starting to write today - but the inspiration has not come yet. All I got is the novel version of the movie..
- and the script thats ready, might have some flaws that I've been thinking about. So, I will make some changes when I organize all my new thoughts. ^^
Hmmm - and I got some other plans & ideas.. lets just see if they work out.
I've contacted a few people that might be able to help me with my movie-dreams.
lets just hope.

ANYWAY~ here are the photos from his graduation --

package From around the world

Hello! こんにちは!

There are alot of things happening right now - so I dont have alot of time to be with my computer and edit, etc.
Tomorrow I will bake for Johans graduation at Friday, but I might put up some pics that I took today before I leave the apartment.
I got a package from a friend of mine in Japan -- her name is Misato. ^^
This is some of the things that I got;



pictures From a lifetimes memory

Hello! こんにちは!

SO! Prom night was yesterday, and everything went as it should :) It was a memorable night, of course, but I did have some dissapointments later at the prom night. Found out some things about myself that I didnt know, too XD So, that was pretty fun with it self.
The food was good, but a bit cold..

Some other news~ !!
Me and my fiance have, today, ordered the flight to Japan/Osaka! It is so exciting!!
We will study hard so we know something when we get there, and plan so much as we can to use the little time of three weeks that we have. I am looking so much forward to it, tho we have a while to wait.
We will go to Japan in next year, April -- so.. but we need the time to save up money. It is expensive living there. ^_^ AND! both me and Johan will celebrate our birthdays in Japan! How cool is that?!

Here are some pictures - but I havent gotten them all yet by the ones taking shots of us, so this will do for today :) hope you like them.

My handsome fiance <33


prom Night

Hi Everyone!

So, today is Prom night.
Me and my fiance will attend -- and I am very nervous. I am a clutz, so I might fall or trip.. or something else embaressing. >>..
I will upload some photos from the evening if my dad gets a good shot. ( He is the assigned photographer since I cant take photos myself. )
Overall, I am looking forward to the night and the afterparty. I think it will be pretty fun. ^_^
Have a nice evening everyone!

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