October 31, 2010

~ Happy Halloween ~
and greetings from Sweden




All of the reservations for Japan has now been made!
Its so nervwrecking and still so exciting. There are so much money involved and so many questions that cannot be answered - im going nuts, haha!

Here are the hotels we will stay in :)

Hotel in Kyoto

Hotel in Nagoya
This is the most expensive hotel we chose. Just cause its Johans birthday that night in Nagoya ^_^

Hotel in Tokyo



I have some pictures from Halloween that i'd liked to show you guys.
At friday me & Johan went to a halloween party where we dressed up. I was a "dia de las muertos"-person from Mexico, and Johan was the same but from China. eheee..
Then yesterday we went to the traditional Cemetary as the lights were lit on the graves.
The graveyard shots will come on later today I think.
Right now me and Johan are going to make the last arrangements for our trip to Japan!!
So excited! :D I'll show you what we decide later as well.


that was me. tho i didnt have time to get a cool shot

from iPhone

at the party with Johan in the background


jeez its been a loooong time.

it feels like.
Ive been working hard and then I got REALLY sick - so now im sick.
Tomorrow is halloween masquerade party that im going to - I just hope to feel a little bit better until then.
I'll bring photos,

happy halloween!
/ Cindy

iPhone shutter


Sorry that I havent been updating anything.
I've been busy at work and such. Im starting work today at 17pm and will work to 22.30pm. ^_^
Its so much fun to work I think. I feel very satisfied, and pleased with the fact that I have a job I like to do.
Its a weird feeling. But I love it and hope to feel this in the future jobs as well.

Sadly, tomorrow is the decision-making-day. That means that I might not be able to work at this job if they cannot offer me enough working hours. (due to their budget they might not be able to have me.)
But I have written a contract for 6 months work - we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
heres to hope! ... again!

here is some iPhone shots since I havent had the time to shoot with the Canon-camera.

. me at my grandmas place. you cant really see me tho .

jaa, matane

take that, society! ... or something


So now, at this moment, I got two jobs! I cant really believe that for over a year, ive been looking for work and I had no luck at all and now all of a sudden I got two. O.O
Its pretty amazing.

Time will work out if I stay at only one job or if I take both of the jobs. :)
I hope to just stay at the one I really wanted, but the pay might be better at the other one. So I have alot to think about.

Here are some ego pics for this ego update!~ :D

woah - take it easy with the words, man.

Hello everyone,

been a while.
I've been busy and stuff like that.
Yesterday I was at a work interview and I was offered a job if I wanted it.
As it looks right now I will take it - tho I really dont want it. I just really, really, need the money.

Im also gonna try out for another job here, that I much rather would like to have - so I hope to get that one before I accept the other job. Im going tomorrow to give my CV papers and introduce myself.

Also, I worked on monday and was gameing with some friends. so.. not really much time to surf the internet. Especially when I dont even have internet. Haha

And, the snow has landed in the little town of Kiruna.
I tried to take a few shots, but im not really satisfied with any of them. But I thought maybe Someone likes them. I need to learn how to take great pictures even when its so white outside. I think im gonna have to buy some awesome filters for the camera. Perhaps? Yes. -- and also how to edit the shots in the best way when its over exposed with white-ness.
Here's to hope.

. my newest favourite thé - Peach & Mango .

. the snow started to fall .


morning everyone,

its cold outside.
Johan is working.

Im bored and have no inspiration to write... just to dance.. which I cannot do anyway since im not home and dont have a movie converter just yet...and no car..
im gonna download and then dance later this week.. but until then.

so to sum it up:

this sucks.


I am completely inlove with this girls look. (Im gonna learn the dance of hers as well when I get the time. so another dance youtube vid is coming in due time)

I want to color my hair like hers.
I want to cut it like hers.
I want her body, especially her legs.

obsessive much??
but seriously. gosh.
Make me look like her!! XD
Lucky me that I am slowly but surely making my hair lighter so I can color it in another color. <3
THEN! Haircut. MMMM cant wait. Im cutting my bangs back then. woah - crazy


aaah, why couldn't I be taller than 1.54 cm??
Seriously God, you're killing me!!

here We go again


げんきですか??^^ / How are you?
Now im gonna try and write a few pages in the new script.
Anyone out there with awesome movie ideas you want to lend me?? hehehe... :P


So, I have a few things to say.
First: I won a modeling competition! So I got offered to be a model for a day. Just for fun that is, not like im gonna be in any magazines. XD At least not that I know of. But fun right! ^__^"

And I talked to the Film Pool Nord guy, that he wanted to have a meeting one day and talk about my future etc.
So im gonna get back to him in about a month and we will book a meeting for me, him and one other person that is in charge of like entertainment/commercials I think it was. Exciting~

Today I cleaned my closet. it was so messy and I just didnt want to have it like that anymore. So here are a few pics of the mess and such;

. messy VS (moderatly) clean .

In all of the mess, I found something black sticking up. You see it there, in the left corner?

It turned out to be a lame book I made in like the 1st grade.

I also found my I Love Zombies tshirt among other old clothes.

My dear I Love New York tshirts from.. New York it self.
Maybe I should upload some New York pictures soon?

After about an hour I started to get all of my things worked out.

plain Awesome


Today I woke up as a queen.
I turned on the tv and saw a commercial for The Beauty & the Beast. And that they are giving it out in Bluray & DVD AGAIN!!! I've waited for so many years on that they would sell more of it but they stopped selling and printing out that one a few years ago.
And now - im buying the damn movie! Its my all times favourite Disney movie!

I got my Halloween candle yesterday. Here is is:
The one with black & orange stripes.


こばんわ - Good evening

Sorry I havent updated.
I havent had any internet access earlier today and i've been a bit busy as well.
I will update tomorrow with a few pictures on new stuff.~



Konbanwa everyone

right now im looking around for hotels in Japan.
The Kyoto hotel is already picked, but we are still looking for the Tokyo hotel. (Gosh, I wish I was rich.)
anyway -  I cant wait for it. >.<
Its almost booking time soon, so its going to be more studying japanese and more looking around on what we want to do :)

Here is a picture on what we are going to do when we get to Japan.
It is the Philosophers Walk - that many people go to during the blossoms of the cherry trees. It seems so pretty~



mmm mandarins?

Good afternoon everyone!

Sorry that I havent updated until now - and I dont even have any pictures to load.

Right now im eating Two mandarins, or whatever the name is in english. the same? I dont know.
And watching Top Model ~
Today I've been trying to work on the new script - and yay, happy news - I wrote maybe 10 pages! Its a breakthrough for me. I've had trouble getting inspiration for this new one. So, im happy and satisfied.

. ego pic of me, some weeks ago .


awesome Bamse stickers

im siiiinging in the SNOW


Today is a special day because snow has landed on our ground! It was really white outside this morning when I looked out the window. Pretty. ^__^

Yesterday me & Johan bought our first car together, and here it is!
.. and some first-snow pictures!

cute right! ^__^



the Deed is done

Good Morning everyone -- I have an announcement to make.

Just now, this morning... I sent in my horror movie script to Film Pool Nord.
Right now the script and my future is in the hands of two very influencial people in the moviebuisness.
I really hope that they like it, or likes the new script im going to write.

The Fourth Kind

Update about the movie:

It was.. frightengly scary. However you spell that word.
Everyone should watch that movie - even if you dont believe in aliens and such -- just see it. It might change your mind. Im scared as hell right now and im not that easily scared, I can tell you that.
It feels like it really is real. The facts about wether or not they excist.
I am convinced.


movie time


Yesterday I was at a birthday party  -  but sober. It was nice.
Today me & Johan saw the new  Resident Evil Afterlife. I dont know... it wasnt as good as I thought it was going to be. So I was a little disappointed.
Today I've been job hunting in Stockholm. I applied for five jobs and hopefully I get at least one of them.
Later today me, Johan & my dad are gonna watch the movie called The fourth kind.
It's supposed to be pretty good and I am excited to see it! Its about real alien videos from Alaska. Spooky as hell it seems.
Here is the trailer for it:

ki o tsukete



I entered a photo competition and I would be so grateful if you all of my readers, could go into the link and vote on your favourite picture:


Thank you so much!!~


Ohayougozaimasu! Good morning!~

Hope you are all allright.
Me and Johan are at my dads place right now and im soon gonna try and work on my newest ideas with the horror script. Here are my newest pictures - I'll try and take some more soon. ^__^
Im going to a birthday party tonight, maybe I'll get something there.


Hi everyone,

im at my dads place now.
Taken a few shots with the camera on Linus. ^^ But I didnt bring my computer, I had to much to carry as usual.
But tomorrow - updates with pictures and maybe a new halloween header if I get any new ideas.
Tonight me and Johan are gonna watch The Other guys :)


maamaa desu

おはようございます!Good morning!

I woke up a while ago - soon its time to try and sit down with the new script.
Exciting? Yes.
Jikes its really warm in Kiruna today, and its October! There should be more snow I think.
Im getting scared about this whole enviroment thingies.. :P

I will update later today one more time - and hopefully with some pictures of course. Right now im not on my own computer so I cant edit anything.

きおつけて! Take care!

zombieees... mmm

I've changed the Header into this temporary Zombie header --- ps, you might need to Update your site.

Let me know what you think! Should I keep trying? XD

Picture Boom Boom Down


So, that means that this morning I started to edit the shots that i've taken and Im going to just put them all up. ^__^
Im feeling really great about this! I cant start taking pictures again :)

I've changed my FireFox theme into Halloween theme - and Im getting pscyhed for Halloween everyday as well.
Soon im gonna start working on the new script~ I've got a few ideas that needs to be thought out.
Well, here you go!

starting with pictures of me~ aaahahahah.


Me & Johan drove to Abisko one day.

It was beautiful tho the sky was grey.


I also went to shoot at a nice place. But I only got this and one other that I liked.

Keep a look-out for more pictures!
Ki o Tsukete!

god bless my computer from now on

I GOT BACK MY COMPUTER!!!!! Im currently blogging from my OWN computer at Johans place!
It feels amazing!

I just finished to put in Photoshop and tomorrow I can upload all my photos from my camera - and then edit and then show them! Wieee!!!
I've also finished the installing of Office so I can write again!


It is one happy me!~

lashing out


Im not having a good morning - like, at all.
I was gonna try out for the Metro Photo Challenge - and then when I pick up all my saved CD's from my old computer, I notice... that my newest graveyard photos ARENT SAVED!!!
This whole computer-virus-thing... is getting on my last nervs. I can tell you that.
I NEED my recent graveyard shots. I loved them. I was so proud of how beautiful they got. So now im gonna have to think of a way to get them saved without a CD burner or a functioning computer. sucks.

AND above all that I got TWO MONTHS to finish a brand new vampire script. TWO MONTHS!
I dont know how im gonna make it, but now im just happy that im unemployed so I can work all day on it.
When I get my computer back...

oh well oh well

こんばんわ!Good Evening~

Whats up??
Well, i went to work at a new place yesterday. It was scary as HELL. I had no idea what to expect or what to do, or what they expected of me.
It all worked out and im going back there on Monday.
The computer isnt fixed yet either. Its itching inside my body to show everyone my pictures soon!! WAAH! Im getting frustrated.

At least i finished my Zombie movie Script this sunday - so the Film Pool Nord people will get it by the end of this week. Awesome!

BYE! I'll catch up with you later when I get to see a computer with internet connection again. aaahaaha...



Well - the news about the computer - there are none.
My friend  doesnt have time to help me and Im not sure what to do. I might get Johans ex computer as he gets his new one  - but not likely.
Im gonna try and write on the script on his computer today, and if it works Im gonna try and finish it TODAY.
I really need to get this stress off of me. >>..

i dont think I have that many more news than that. Nothing special, at least.
I'll write later,

jaa, matane!



I'll never get my computer fixed :(

I might get a new computer tho. From Johan.

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