pscyhed For eastertime

Hello! こんにちは!

How are you all feeling? おげんきですか?
Im not feeling that good today - or something feels weird in my stomach. I dont like it at all. ><"
I dont have that much of inspiration - just been thinking of my photo project I mentioned earlier.
Im still excited but its a slow pace-project.

Soon Easter is here! To bad for me tho, the easter bunny wont come anymore. :P
But hope you all have a great easter holiday!! ~
I really hope the sun will show up here so I can take some pretty pictures when me and my fiance
go out to ride snowmobile with family and such.

Here are some happy-easter-inspiration-outside-snow pictures!

This picture is taken just outside Kiruna Airport.




gray Scales of nothingness

Hello! こんにちは!

What are you doing? あなたはいまなにをしれいますか?
Me, myself - hasnt done much of use yet. I learned some Katakana today for the first time. Makes me feel a little bit proud of myself and a little boost to keep on studying japanese/nihongo. ^__^

Everyone in Sweden! Dont forget to watch the new episodes of Top Model 13!~

The weather in Kiruna is not good. The colors are not workable for good photos like at all.
Everything is gray. T_T So - only boring - non-trying-artistic-photos today.

Me today in a Teenage mutant Ninja turtles tshirt from New York and
my favourite pants from China and new purple socks from Luleå!

Kisse-Maja knows how to strike a pose!


earth Hour

Hello! こんにちは!

Good morning! おはようございます!
Today Im feeling much better than yesterday!
The weather ouside tho, is getting worse. I was hoping for a sunny day so me and my fiance could go out with the snowmobile and take some photos, buuut ~ not today I guess. ^^

Today I also started a photo-project. It will be ready in.. june I think.
I am excited!

Anyway, yesterday I did my part for the Earth Hour. Lights were out and lit candles brightened up the rooms.
Here is a little somethin'-somethin'.


paying The price of a night out

Hello! こんにちは!

Hope you are all fine, because I am hung-over.
I havent barely moved from the bed today. Very nice and compfy, but the nausea isnt that much fun after a while.

Yesterday me and my fiancé watched Alice in Wonderland  - and I must say that Tim Burton really did it again.
It was beautiful and perfectly brilliant! ~
I have to buy it when it comes out on DVD and complete my Burton collection. ^__^

Cellphone-pic again. From.. last year or so I think.

the Flows of time

Hello! こんにちは!

Hope that you are all allright. :) Yes?
The things that I've done today is nothing worth mentioning. I've mostly just sat, to be honest.
I took a walk and studied some japanese, thats pretty much it.
There are some plans for later on this day - like making waffles! I hope that me and my boyfriend can make it today. It would make me happy. ^__^;

What have you all done today? :)
Here are some Really old pictures taken with my old, old mobile cellphone-cam. So the quality isnt good, but still  maybe something captured.


The day that I took this picture, was one of the most happiest days of my life.
Taken in -09





digital Future?

Hello! こんにちは!

Today and yesterday I have just been playing Final FantasyXIII most of my day.
It has been fun - but challenging for my temper. :P
But what isn't anyway? ^__^

Im a bit sad that I missed the wonderful weather today. It was the perfect weather that i've been waiting for, to take the rest of my nature pictures. But I hope that I will get another chance this weekend.
Wish me luck??

Since I havent been out taking anything new, I will put up something I just dabbled with.
Nothing fancy or so, just a normal digital camera and some editing...



unforseen Troubles

Hello! こんにちは!

Today I have something different to say.
You might know that I dance and put on youtube, and I had some troubles with it today with the latest dance.
So - I put the dance on another website and this is the link;

to my youtube account, you go to;
Please, go watch it. :)

Otherwise here are some pictures to look at;

this is really small here as a panorama.. I can send if you like. Its
much more beautiful then.





colors Of the wind

Hello! こんにちは!

Everyone ~ hope you are all allright.
Me myself, are getting better. It might take a while, but im getting there. ^^
Anyway, right now im listening to some great classical soundtrack. It makes me calm and always gives me the inspiration to write. But I wont! No long text here, no no. ^^ hehe.

Here are two other pictures that I've taken during the week.

"Would you see then what I see now?" - Into the wild

This picture isnt That special, but I simply just adore the colors. ^^



over Look-out

Hello! こんにちは!

Here are some photos that I took yesterday from my town, but the first picture was taken last fall. ^^
another upload tomorrow~



baby Steps

Hello! こんにちは!

Well, Where would I begin. Things in my life are going up and its going down - my life feels like an neverending rollercoaster ride. Hopefully, things will start to piece together soon.

Today I have been out taking some photographs. There was some succesfull pictures that I feel pretty happy about and some of them I will upload here today. ^_^
AND ~ a breakthrough in photoshop. I learned how to make see-through frames. Im happy! so I am trying them out, and trying to memorise how to do it.

But I would like to start up with some pictures of my cat.
His name is; Lucifer aka Nemi Nemesis Muhammed Ali - but I call him  "Kisse-maja". I dont know why, it just happened. He has a long name because of various reasons.
I love my cat -  and he really is a cat of its own. I like to take photos of him when he lets me. Often he just runs away playing, he wont sit still - but there are those days where he feels calm enough for me to take pictures of him.
Tomorrow I will upload some pictures from Kiruna that I took to show people a bit what it looks like here.

anyway, Hope you like my cat!







keep a note ~ tomorrow, Kiruna center pictures! ^_^



something Else, Something new

Hello! こんにちは!

There are some things happening here in town. Sad stuff, that might be happening soon where its aftertime will change everything. It makes me feel confused or weird - kind of like I cant really see - or in fact, dont Want to see.
Thats all I can say about that.

Anyway, here today I am going to shop for groceries for a dinner im making tomorrow. Its an asian dish of food that I will be making, and might take some photos. :) I am looking forward to it, and hopefully my boyfriend and my dad (whom I will be making the food for), will like it. :)

Here are some pictures that I took some months ago. I really like them.

Taken at fall -09



I took this picture sometime last fall. -09




back At home

Hello! こんにちは!

Hope you are all allright.
I got back from my trip yesterday and it was very fun being away from home, and spending some time getting to know my boyfriends sister.
We went to IKEA, which was very fun aswell. We bought some furniture and other small stuff.
I will upload something better tomorrow when I get the time. :)
Take care! Ki o tsukete!

~Our roadtrip candy~


towards The open roads

Hello! こんにちは!

I've been playing FF13 a lot of hours now.
- and tomorrow me and my boyfriend are going on a small roadtrip to his sister who lives in Luleå.
We are planning on going to Ikea to do some shopping and visit some relatives on the way.
I am looking forward to it and it will be lots of fun. :)
Therefore, I will not be uploading anything until sunday at least.
But here are some of the pictures that I took that night I told you about earlier. Still I am really sad about that you cannot make the pictures bigger so you can see the details... but, from here on out, you can always mention it to me if you want me to send them to you. No problem! Just let me know.
Hope you like them;


Who doesnt get the ghost-vibe from this house??


the Rare mondays

Hello! こんにちは!

Today has been exciting. I got my long waited, Final Fantasy 13 for ps3.
I cant remember how long I actually have waited for the game, but I would assume about 4 years.
- that means a very happy Cindy when I found out I could go get it at my local store and just within some minutes play it in my home.
To sum it up, I've played alot today and will play more. ^^ Im really happy with it. Its truly magical.
I wont put up much today - just a picture of my room where I will be playing my beloved videogame this evening - yep, riiiight there on that red little piece of furniture. *points*

I will probably upload some more tomorrow :)




a Weekend well done

Hello! こんにちは!

Everything is fine with you all, yes?? Sweet.
Today has been fun also, but not as fun as yesterday. Went snowmobiling again, and I wanted to take som photos that I had in mind, but the weather and spots we went to, did not fit into my mind-picture of it all.
So, until next time we go out - there will be more pictures.

Here are some of the pictures I took yesterday on our trip,  but sadly, the panorama pictures that I took arent as beautiful as they really are since I cant make them that much bigger without ruining the graphs.. so, if you want to see it at full scale - please say it and I can send it to you over your mail! No problem at all :)
I havent uploaded every picture that I took - they will come later on.
- and I took another panorama picture today that I will edit as well.
Enjoy! Hope you like them.

I took this panorama at the top of ednavaara mountain.
Waaay over there - is my town where I live.

This is from the top of Loussavaara.

On our way to Jukkasjärvi to check out the tourists.
The woods were magical.

Over all, it has been a great weekend.



sunny Funny saturday

Hello! こんにちは!

Today has been a good day - just as we exclude my enormous pain in my tiresome body.
Me, my boyfriend, my dad & his friend has been out riding the snowmobile today.
It was very warm and sunny which made the whole day much more nice.
The forests were so amazing and beautiful - they gave me inspiration for stories to write. I could literally imagine goblins hiding and watching us as we past by them, I could see witches deep within the forest in their small houses brewing on some spells and potions.
To come to the point - it was magical. Sadly I did not bring my boyfriends good camera, so I only had my Canon Digital Ixux along with us - But! I took some pictures that I liked and they will be posted within a few days.

Also, me and my boyfriend went to take some pictures last night that I've been wanting to take for some time now.
I got my pictures, and they will also be posted.
Here is a sample of what is to come;

This one is taken today from the top of Ednavaara.

This was taken yesterday.


sunny Friday

Hello everyone! こんにちは!

Hope you all are allright.
- me myself, are having a pretty bad day even tho' we have a warm sunny friday here in Kiruna.
I have had some trouble with editing and weird graphic problems at youtube. (

So, Im a bit sad. :(
Therefor - I will put up some of my pictures I took last halloween, -09.






the First photos

Here are some of my amateur photography works! I will upload some more in some days, I'll just start slow and see where it gets me.

Hope you like them;

Also one of the first pictures - taken with cellphone camera in -08

This is one of the oldest photos I have. Taken with cellphone camera in -08.


This is one of the first pictures i've taken. But the downside is that this photo was taken with cellphone camera. But I like the feeling anyway. -08

One of my first photos in winter of year -08. (also cellphone camera.)



the First words


my name is Cindy.
I live in Sweden and I am 19, soon 20 year in April. ^^
This blog was made because my original idéa for a photoblog was pretty much a failure. There was some uploading problems and so this was my last resort for now.
I will upload pictures here and write a little about my life etc, whenever I feel like I have something to tell.

Please, do leave comments on pictures if you like/dislike. :)

Have a great day!

~ Cindy

And that is me.

Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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