At last.. or something

I saw myself there - me in Japan at some store picking out clothes. Hehe


These are a few pictures of what i've been doing the last few days - besides working.
Waking up this morning, sucked. with a capital S. Sucked.

I have one more day tomorrow to go through.. gah..
Anyway, when I got home I got to clean up the apartment somewhat. Johan had done some pre-work which was nice. And now everything is clean again~



um... yeah. No pics today either.
I got back home, like, a half hour ago. GOD I hate my work. Im getting some really hard feelings towards it. I cant wait until I leave for Japan and can forget my work forever... or at least for some time in heaver.
Im sitting in my bedroom with a cup of vanilla thé with some honey. Also, with my OLD computer.
I'd forgotten how much I love to write on this computer. Oh, so many novels and my original zombie manuscript.. those were all written on this computer. <3
So that means that all I will update on is some egotypical text about myself - as you've read so far.

I start work early tomorrow - 6.25 to be exact. That means an really early wakeup, shower, coffé and HOPE that my car will start. But with my luck it probably wont and it leaves a very sad and even more irritated --- Me.
The only comfort I have with going to the hatefull work tomorrow, is that the money I earn - will be used in Japan. For like, a hotell night in magical Tokyo or buy awesome japanese clothes, etc. You can imagine yourself all the wonderus things. But anyway, you can understand my thinking.
Gosh, im just writing away tonight, arent I. Like I said, I miss writing on this computer. My fingers just fly over the keyboard. and like Johan just said; Wow, you're such a geek.


haha, when I get the motivation to upload some pictures- I will have pics to show for days.
I just got up and now im gonna get some coffé and watch The Big Bang Theory. Its a nice morning. ~

Maybe I will upload before I go to work.


sämsta dagen typ ever.
hatar världen just nu.

update med bilder kommer nångång. fast vem bryr sig ändå - jo ingen.


I thought that i'd upload my pictures ive taken.
But im feeling... so incredibly tired. Or just worn out, for some reason. Even with my four cups of coffé.
I went by my old school earlier today to help out a friend. It feels so weird walking through those halls. It feels just like it was yesterday that I quit school, and its.. well, almost two years now I think??
Time moves so fast by.. and the weird thing is that it hasnt done that ever. Its only because im with Johan time just disappeares.
Anyway, pictures will come. But not right now..
in a while.. or so.


"Nothing thats worth having, comes easy."

Holy jikes - I am so happy right now.
I just got my paycheck, and, I know its not appropriate to talk/write about your money - but I've been so persistent and i've saved money my whole life just so I can travel the world.
And today, I felt so.. at ease. I've never had this kind of money before. Of course, most of it will disappear as we travel to Japan - but even so. I feel happy. I have achieved my goal with my savings and hard work. I didnt spend them on useless stuff. Im doing what makes me most the most happy - Im going to see the world.


Herbal thé with Honey and a bowl of cereals.
And of course, the Big Bang theory.

I want to go out with the snowmobile.. :(
To bad I work this weekend.


Well - what a lovely day to do absolutely nothing. <33
Ah, not totally true. Ive done the dishes, as always, and I went for shopping food - and then all the other things like; Big Bang Theory, etc.
So, its been another non-working day. Gosh, I love these days. I have tomorrow as well to do nothing before I start work at Saturday. Not happy about that tho. But working during the weekends = $$$ (atleast some amount..) But I will make the 'weekends food' tomorrow. But thats no problem since I love to cook.





pics from yesterday evening. Me, a bowl of cheezedoodles & Big Bang Theory.
I got this awesomely cute little box with raisins.


Drinking my coffé, watching Big Bang Theory and playing with Kisse-Maja.
pics will come up soon, when I get the strength to look at what I have.. within the hour, at least.


Porkchops in the oven with potatoes and greenpepper-sauce.
Also a small sallad with some left overs with italian dressing.
It was good - but I might buy more meat and try again.. it got a little dry.


Oh, and this little fellow is here with us for two nights~

different views of the same thing


im cooking dinner now, and some pics will come up of it later tonight :)

8BIT-Café in Japan
I gotta check it out :)


... im just kidding.




I'd do anything for a morning smoothie right now.
Just to bad that its so expensive.. but maybe I should start buying the ingredients, like, only once a month. That might not hurt the economy that bad.. right?


I wonder when im gonna switch to the new shoes -
The left one is starting to get some holes in them.
Maybe the new ones to Japan :)

OH - look!

... what came in the mail yesterday! Our JAPAN RAIL WAY & JR-WEST PASSES!!

SEASON16 just gotta love it.


Tonight I dreamt that I saw a secret spaceship the sweden government had hidden under the toxic lake here in Kiruna. And when the general found out, he took me with him so I couldnt speak about it.

I also woke up from a nightmare I cant rememeber, by sitting straight up like Dracula when he rises from his coffin.
Wow - these last few days ive been like a crazy person. I wonder what happens tonight?


Im bored. Havent done much - cleaned up, done the dishes, eaten...
Simply just waiting in the curse that is my job.

At the moment im watching Desperate Housewives. Thats always great. Otherwise ive been looking around at youtube for some japanese tourist videos. The Bento lunch boxes are so cute~



New Header - update the page to see it if it hasnt come yet


I just dragged myself out of bed. And I had REALLY nasty dreams. The shortened version; I dreamt that I found a tapeworm in my leg. EUUUUUUUWWW!!


Now, a calming & satisfying cup of coffé and Big Bang Theory.

Val & Kval

Jag kan inte sluta tänka på det. Jag vill ha det ned i ord. Så ni får ursäkta mig om ni inte gillar min egen-diskussion eller bara sluta fortsätta läsa här --
Jag tänker ofta på hur Val kan forma oss som människor. När jag såg på Mr.Nobody fick det mig att tänka på det så mycket att jag måste skriva.


Vem vore jag idag, om jag Inte hade blivit mobbad som liten?
Hade jag då blivit en av de människor jag idag, ogillar starkt, på grund av deras okänslighet och oförmåga att förstå?
Hade jag haft samma intresse för Tvspel om inte min mormor/morfar & bror introducerade det åt mig? Skulle jag gilla mer smink då? Eller mer 'vanliga' tjej intressen?
Om mina föräldrar aldrig hade separerat... hade jag mått bättre då?Hade min oerhört långa depression aldrig existerat?
Var hade jag varit idag om jag aldrig hittat Johan? Skulle jag fortfarande leva i sorg, eller vart skulle jag befinna mig? Skulle jag någonsin få känna vad Kärlek är?


Och här är frågan jag tänkt mig sedan jag var liten och som fortsattit komma när jag nästan dog, ca 2-3 år sedan:
Tänk om jag inte skulle existera, egentligen? Tänk om det var meningen att jag skulle dött, då jag blev tappad nerför trappen som spädbarn. Eller alla andra gånger jag ramlat ned för trappen. Eller då jag åkte in på akuten och doktorn sa att det var ett mirakel att jag levde. Likasom det var ren tur att min pappa var hemma när jag blev tappad och han hann stoppa det som kanske skulle dödat mig helt.
Borde jag vara död? Eller är det ödet att jag lever?


Food - Love & other drugs, Mr.Nobody - food.



Now i've done it. I finally decided on the freakin thing. Im gonna have it in my left ear I think, and see if I like it. If I dont - i'll just remove it before its to late. The best thing tho, is that they were cheap.
I've just seen Love & Other drugs, and I must say that I loved it. It wasnt what I excepted, but still it didnt let me down. It was great.

anyone want to see this with me?

... when it comes?


and these ones I might see today-




Hahah! Since I havent been on the computer much yesterday, due to hangover, I hadnt visited my regular sites -
so today when I logged in I had 6 New messages, 5 Friend invites and 3 Photo comments.
FUNSIES! Indeed. ^^

As you might have figured out I didnt do much yesterday worth telling. I was literally, all day laying in the couch and watching bad tv and also a season of Big Bang theory. At like, 6am I saw a kids movie, Snowhite, that sucks. Its a new version of it.I remembered it since I was a kid - and saw it, and also thought it sucks. But somehow you cant just turn away even so. You have to see the ending, even tho it sucks.



Ive been to an job interview, colored my hair, liquor store with Jespa and also some snack-shopping, cleaning once more, and dishes.
Soon im gonna start a quick dinner and then pick up Johan from work - and then its not long for the party!~


I have alot to do today.



Damn im good at cleaning

It only took me 1-2 hours to clean the apartment - and that is with both vacuuming and removing dust.. oh and the dishes. ( and staying at spotify a long time to make a playlist. )
Working as a cleaner, or whatever the name is in english - have paid its dues.


aaah what a lovely morning~
Waking up with sun shining through lightly the window, I only have 6hours of work today, its my last shift, the coffé machine is ready to be pushed on the ON button and make some lovely morning  drink for me..


And its friday tomorrow!~
Today im gonna clean the whole apartment. pictures will come! and more updates.

and music will be heard


I loved the clothes - tho the Jacket.. im not so sure about. I probably wont send it back because it will cost me money even so. I wont gain much by doing it - so I might keep it and see if I want it, or im gonna sell it to someone. Hmmm, I gotta figure it out.
Tho the two others I lovvvved. I think they were awesome, and you can wear them as normal-day clothing AND going-out clothing. <3

coffé and kisse-maja

Aaah, ive slept better tonight. I havent been waking up every each hour to see if I've overslept for work. I love the afternoon shifts <3
Anyway, I only have tonight and tomorrows shift until I get my beloved free weekend for dancing and party. Haha.
I hate the 6-days-in-a-row-shifts...
Im having my coffé now and in about one hour or so im going to go get the package from China!! Wiee~

pictures by Johan -



kisse-maja on new adventures

Im back from work. Finally.
And we brought Kisse-Maja to visit our new apartment! ~ He seems to like it. Tho the lightings in the rooms, are bad - hence the bad quality pictures. Im hoping to get some cool shots either tonight or for tomorrows update.
OH - and my package from China arrived today. I will be getting it tomorrow!!!


Drinking my coffé - making my lunch ready for work - gonna go to work - make some slavemoney - sucksssss

my valentines

I worked the whole day, almost. Which sucked. But at the morning I made Johan some english breakfast (egg,toast,bacon,juice,coffé and sandwich) it was awesome.

english breakfast for my darling

When I got home from work Johan surprised me with homecooked Thai food!



map looking

Just around the block is a Bar AND supermarket at our Tokyo hotel. Jeez, im gonna shop as hell at the supermarket. Just to bad that it wasnt a 100Yen store. But at our Kyoto hotel we had Kyoto Tower along the street nearby :D
WAAH CANT WAIT! One and a half month left :)


Me & Johan have been fixing it up. Im gonna warm up some CHILI and then go to my dads house for some coffé.
Here are some photos of our morning.

My DVD's havent found their place yet. :(

These I didnt really like.. so they might be some snack for next weeks
party. Haha
. maybe someone likes them.

I found my japanese posters that I got from a friend - and I found a frame
for one of them.

places to find

Things in the apartment that arent ready. Like,
paintings that havent found their place in the apartment yet - drawers that are in complete mess. Today Im making the apartment safe!... or more finished.
more updates to come.

en vacker dröm

Vad skulle vi göra? Ta chansen som kanske aldrig skulle komma igen, eller hoppas på det bästa?
Jag och mina vänner stod, helt bestötta av vårat nya kval -  vi såg folket gå på båten som skulle föra dom på äventyret vi egentligen inte var bjudna på.
"Vafan. Vi hoppar på."
-" Är du säker?? Tänk så släpper dom inte in oss?"
"Men vi kan väl chansa! Det är ju så många som går på, inte kan de väl känna exakt alla som går på. De har ju mycket att göra, de är ofokuserade."
Jag kunde inte hålla mina ben i schack längre. Jag ville ha ett äventyr. Mina ben började springa som om de var utan kontroll. Fort som aldrig förr, trots mina extremt dåliga betyg i tidigare gymnastik klasser, sprang jag fortast av alla.
Det tog inte länge innan mina fyra andra kompisar hängde på i språnget och över den lilla skogsplätten.
Vi saktade ner, och försökte blenda in med de andra eleverna.
"DU!", skrek någon från cockpiten. "Du ska inte vara här. Stig av."
En kille framför mig började backa. Det var honom de hade menat. Inte oss. "Tack gode gud", tänkte jag.
Vi tittade spänt mot varandra när vi steg på, och vi hade klarat oss. Mannen antingen trodde han kände igen oss, eller så ville han ge oss en chans.
Båten startade sina motorer och vi lämnade stranden - jag sprang fram till sidan av båten och tittade hur vi lämnade det liv vi alltid känt till  - för att snart möta det främliga.

Under båtens tur hade vi kortspel, fester och dans. Allting som ett stort gäng ungdomar kan komma på att göra under instängda omständigheter.

Båtens tuta tjöt högt och vi insåg att det är nu vi ska av. Alla ungdomar sprang för att packa deras väskor, men jag sprang direkt upp på däck för att se vad för vackert land det är vi ska se.
När jag kommit upp, såg jag det vackraste som man kan se under en livstid.
Vattnet var i det grönaste färgerna och glänste rött av den värmande solen. De tropiska träden gungade med de svaga briserna och färgglada fiskar simmade nära kanten i skuggan av båten.
Jag tror att jag slutade andas för en stund medans jag såg allt det här vackra.
"Jag har äntligen funnit det. Lugnet i min själ, som jag alltid velat ha." Så fort båten stannat och lagt över sin lilla bro, hoppade jag ned och sprang till sandstranden.
Den var både kall och varm, helt perfekt mellan mina tår. Kritvit underbar sand som hade så vackra kontraster mot den stora himlen.
Jag lade mig ned och snurrade i sanden och bara njöt av mitt nyfunna paradis.
Mina vänner kom snart med sina packningar och hoppade med mig. "Fan va fint det var här, eller hur Cindy?"
"Underbart.", svarade jag med ett leende.
"Ska du inte hämta dina saker innan de stänger båten tills vi ska iväg nästa gång?"
"Nä..  jag bryr mig inte om de just nu. Jag behöver inte ens det."
- och det gjorde jag inte heller. Just nu var allt som jag behövde här; den tropiska naturen fylld av liv, sanden, solen och havet var precis vid min sida.

Tiden var iväg alltför snabbt och det var dags att åka till nästa land.
Jag tittade mot det fina jag ska lämna, och kände en illa känsla. Jag ville inte... "varför ska man lämna ett sånt vackert ställe för nånting byggt av betong?", tänkte jag.
Jag var först på landet, och sist att gå av. Jag stod som tillklistrad vid däcket på båten och höll i de stålgaller som byggts för våran säkerhet, men som nu kändes som att föra oss tillbaka till fängelset.
Båten tjöt högt igen och gled bort från stranden.
"Nej! Nej! Jag vill stanna!", skrek jag och sprang till båtens bakdel och såg allt fint glida bort ur mina händer.
"De kan inte stanna Cindy.. och speciellt inte lämna dig ensam här."
"Jag vet..." sa jag och vattnet i mina ögon fylldes upp. Jag tittade mot solnedgången och såg nånting komma vid sidan av båten - det var en delfin! Det jag alltid velat se!
Jag började störtgråta och hängde ned för båtens kant för att nå vattnet och den ursöta delfinen. Den fick mig att förstå, att även om jag åker nu kommer det inte hindra mig från att få se ännu mer äventyr och underbara länder igen. Bara jag följer mitt hjärta.


aah - my grandma & grandpa just left.
And I forgot to take any photos. They gave some muffins tho :D yeey. So now I got something to go with the coffé/thé when someone comes over. Until I eat them up, that is of course.
That was the first invite for the new apartment and to make it all official - the moving-in-party is yet to come!

Now im gonna make some evening snack. Thé with honey and a sandwich~


Im back from work and I am HAPPYHAPPYHAPPY!~~

Because today is the day, when we get the apartment officially! Its a happy day! Wiieee! I'll get some more photos tho in a while I think.


Coffé - sandwich - juice -

And im off to work.


im feeling so god'damn depressed right now.
why does it have to be now?
was it really necessary words?
Maybe I should just stop caring.
damn you. or should I say,
damn me for my thoughts.


Im at my dads place right now - and JEEZ - its not a joke with the falling snow! All of our tracks were gone, and filled up with snow over our shoes. Our car was completely covered with snow. o.O
I dont want any  more snow... I want to wear pretty dresses and shorts now.. give me summer!


Kissemaja was cosyyyy

on our way to the winter fleemarket

up and away

There is my new refrigerator magnet~ Cute!
I just forced myself up from bed early,  because i start work tomorrow at 6.55am.. its gonna be so hard to get up. Im really not a morning person.. and I mean it. Im terrible in the morning.
To bad for the costumers.
This is my last free day before I start working 6days straight. AAH, I feel like im gonna die and I havent even start working yet. God, I hate my job..
Today I have a few errands and things to do, and I might bring the camera. :)

I want to be FOREVER YOUNG

afternoon delight

...went out to shop and eat some dinner at my dads place

...bought some red apples for the neighbourhood rabbit~

...some candy for us

... some swedish buns. or whatever the name is in english?


Im downloading these too - they seem very interesting. Oh, and the elk I made today.. Im gonna keep it. Im making it into a refrigerator-magnet. so.. yes.


The Crazies

Do YOU want this?

If someone would want this cute little elk sailor, you can have it.
Otherwise I'll keep it myself. Hahaaaaa...


I have nothing to do. I tried some pearl plates things, but.. I just didnt feel it. So I stopped.
Then I wanted to do some Animal plates, but they were so big. And I dont feel that motivated just yet.
One day I will make a  big Deer to put in a frame,but not today... not today.
I just dont feel like doing anything but still I want to do something. Thats a bad combination.

then what should I do?? I dont know T_T

Voodoo Girl

... with Valentines Day coming closer, I always remember the poem by Tim Burton:

Her skin is white cloth,
and she's all sewn apart
and she has many colored pins
sticking out of her heart.

She has many different zombies
who are deeply in her trance.
She even has a zombie
who was originally from France.

But she knows she has a curse on her,
a curse she cannot win.
For if someone gets
too close to her,

the pins stick farther in.



My order from China is in Sweden and on its way here!~~

Drinking thé in my badass mug


and my King Boo Coaster is doing its job

These little cuties are waiting for their owner!


Im getting all emotional, almost everyday. It sucks like hell, but I like to see it as keeping my humanity.
Whenever I see or hear something from Beauty and the beast I just melt inside. (of course, many of Disneys movies have that effect) but that particular movie.. has always been the most special for me.
It made me hope and dream in ways I never thought I could. As well in The little mermaid and Anastasia have I found the glowing dreams that will never leave my side.
I dont care who sees me cry, and I always do with those movies.

cause im bored

Fyra jobb jag haft:

01. Lokalvårdare
02. Kiruna Radio, sänder live i radio.
03. Plocka skräp
04. Kassatjänst... etc

Fyra ställen jag bott på:
01. Kiruna
02. Portugal nånstans

Fyra bra tidningar:
02. SOLO

Fyra TV-program jag älskar att titta på:
01. Desperate Housewives
02. Mad Men
03. The Simpsons
04. Family guy

Fyra platser utomlands jag har semestrat på:
01. USA
02. Portugal
03. Spanien
04. Finland

Fyra platser i Sverige jag semestrat på:
01. Stockholm
02. Morjärv
03. Överkalix

Fyra favorit-maträtter:
01. Taco
02. Kött med potatisgratäng/strips med sallad
03. Rostbiff med potatissallad
04. Nummer 12 på Thai.. mmmmm

Fyra bra fester:
01. De flesta man är på.
02. -
03. -
04. -

Fyra bloggar jag läser:
01. Klaggen
02. Felicia
03. Jenny
04. Nathalie

Fyra låtar jag gillar:
01. Miss A - Bad girl, good girl
02. Slagsmålsklubben - Övningsköra
03. Å en jävla massa mer men ids inte tänka

Fyra webbsidor jag besöker dagligen:
01. Facebook
02. Bilddagboken
03. Min blogg
04. Aftonbladet

Fyra kroppsdelar jag gillar:
01. Ögon
02. Handled
03. Nyckelben

Fyra saker jag inte kan vara utan:
01. Mobilen
02. Johan
03. Chips
04. TV

Fyra saker jag ska göra innan jag dör:
01. Adoptera
02. Resa som FAN
03. Få sålt minst ett filmmanus
04. Göra nått med mitt liv, vad det nu kan vara.

Fyra saker jag gör varje dag:
01. Är på internet
02. Tänker
03. Pratar
04. ....

Fyra saker i mitt badrumsskåp:
01. Got2B Got2B... hårspray
02. Deodorant
03. Tandkräm
04. Linser

Fyra länder jag skulle vilja resa till:
01. Japan
02. Thailand
03. Kina
04. Nya Zeeland

Fyra skådespelare jag gillar:
01. Mila Jovovich

Fyra saker jag är bra på:
01. Ta bilder
02. Vara ärlig
03. Vara tålmodig
04. Lata

Fyra gamla pojk/flickvänner:
01. J
02. Sen var det inga fler.

Fyra filmer jag kan se om och om igen:
01. Alla Tim Burtons filmer
02. Easy A
03. Shaun of the dead
04. American Pie 1

Fyra ställen jag hellre skulle vilja vara på just nu:
01. Japan
02. Thailand
03. USA
04. Nya Zeeland?

Fyra bästa böckerna:
01. Twilight böckerna 1 & 3
02. Minns inte namnet. Typ Monstrens stad, eller nått.
03. Bram Stokers Dracula
04. Blodssystrar

Fyra saker jag önskar att jag kunde:
01. Rita
02. Se det andra ser om mig
03. Vara mer kreativ

home, sweet soon my own, home

Im making it cosy in the apartment.
I've done all the dishes - cleaned up a bit - and soon its time for Mad Men and popcorn~
If I would've had all of the apartment for myself I would've invited someone over.. cant wait until this apartment is all ours! On saturday.. my dreams come true. Haha. And it will be ours, officially. <3

the amazing popcorn

Bought a huge pack of popcorn! Next to it stands a match-box so you can see
the size.

And to go with it, the BIG size of chocolate. ~

It also had a convenient whole in the end, so you can take one - and the next one
falls down! Sweet!

updates later~


Im on my way on a couple of errands! Also, gonna put the bleach in today. And I am really scared. T_Tmore updates to come!



The order will soon reach sweden~


Aaah, such a nice morning to wake up to.
Sun is shining, i dont have to work in three days, my boyfriend came with thé & honey for me..
couldn't be better.
Except that for the competition I got in yesterday, might have a competition - with a slut. >>
Shes almost all naked in the pictures and so of course, she gets votes.
I just hope somebody will stay in the likes of my pictures. At least I dont look like a slut from Bronx. I dont show anything except legs.

if you feel like supporting me in the competition,
search for "Creature Skateboards" at Facebook and "Like" the pictures.

I said, brrr! Its cold in here!

Back from a very cold and freezing photoshoot. It was fun, but to cold for me. Haha.
Ive had my thé with honey to warm me up, and soon its time for some food - and then work..
Im keeping my hopes up by thinking that this is my last working day before three days of free time. <3

oh oh ohhh

Its 10:49.. or, well 11.54 right now.
Im watching Desperate Housewives and after that, im going out for a quick photoshoot for a competition my boyfriend wanted me to do. Maybe you'll get to see some picture, but probably not. Haha!
But for now,

Green thé & honey + Desperate.H ! OH YES


I dreamt that I was going to a party. And the local pubs here in town were attacked by marijuana dudes that put fiery cole on the second floor. Which I helped the manager to remove. But my friends left me because they didnt want to wait, so I had to find them. And when I did, they were at Ferrum, aaand then I woke up.
I want to dance. About two weeks left until I can do that. :P

My order has been shipped!! One day before they said! WIE!


Woah - im becoming really, really sick. The suffering seems to be neverending.
- and im going to work in like, three hours. uuhh..

anyway - ive decided to put bleach in my hair to speed up the whole, changing haircolor thing. On wednesday, im gonna see if my hair falls out. And hopefully, on thursday, im gonna put in the new brown. Depending on how my hair have reacted on the .. bleach.
Im gonna make some dinner and i've just been in the shower. Im trying to get a look that doesnt say "I have the T-virus in me." if you know what I mean. Or if I was just a tad to geeky on that subject.

- wish me good luck at work.

more green thé with honey, please


Me & Johan have just finished one of the last preparations for our trip to Japan -
We ordered the JR Pass & Kansai Area Pass~ ^__^ Expensive but necessary!

I cant believe that in just TWO months we are going to walk on Kyotos famous, Philosophers Walk. (that is in the picture). <33

some good on this sucky day

and here are some happy news ~ I just read on the update on my order I made yesterday that;

Its ready to be shipped at 9th February!!

That means that with a hint of luck, I might just get it before my moving-in party!! :D Wieee~


Juice, thé with honey, sandwich and a sad/sick me. It was an awesome breakfast and a nice try to higher my immunesystem with a powerup, but now -
Feeling unappreciated and .. well, sad. This day is gonna suck.


I've made the order <333

Soon its popcorn + top model time!


Its been a allright day sofar - most fun with the whole ordering-clothes thing.. hehehe..
But I think that i've made up my mind and tonight or tomorrow comes Ordering day! Yaay~

Ive gotten quite sick these last few days too. So now im drinking vanilla thé with honey. It feels better but gross stuff keeps coming down my nose....

update comes after more thé


Det blir.

I cant do it.
And I just found the best "get-away-with-it"-reason to order and not feel bad about it :


Both for Sweden and so I can look cute in Japan in two months. I cant wear my like.. 5 year old spring jacket. and thaaat means that something else, small clothing, will also accidentaly fall into my shopping bag. tihi.
Im gonna order. I get ONE day to check out what I want and then im sending in my order tomorrow.
This is what im looking at right now: Let me know what you think! Buy or no buy?



Hey! I had some pretty nasty nightmare tonight. To sum it up: A huge man, zombies, knives & lots of blood and screaming.
Im on my way to my moms place to have some morning coffé and pack some small stuff for the apartment like curtains and carpets etc. And say hello to Kisse-Maja. ^__^
I'll have more updates later!~~

Oh I forgot -

I also made this little guy

a little afternoon delight

Can you lift your arms?

Or do this?

Or this?

then the tacos came~

brilliant coffé


Woke up. Tired as hell and my throat hurts. Huu, poor me. Had weird dreams too. Ghosts,war etc.
But today is a happy day because im cooking Tacos!~~ おいしい!
I need some freakin coffé.. or something. Im going shopping for the taco-night and im also buying myself some new haircolor. Im going lighteeeer again.


... and dragon.

I just got back from work and now im gonna eat popcorn and make some more coasters :D I even got an order, haha. A friend of mine wanted me to make 4 coasters from PacMan. So I am on it!~
More updates will come!

its just so cuuute~~


coasters and games is what life is all about

I've been moving out the last things from my room - which was the TV & videogames. So im soon officially moved in, to the new apartment. Yay Me! ~


the cup coasters are working just fine!

and my videogames have found their new home.


aaah. tired.. I made this one before work yesterday. Im not that satisfied, but it works.
I got some errands today but most of the weekend I'll just wander. If anyone would like to hang out or something, thai food, movies, games, whatever - give me a call!

update later

more more more!

Hello everyone! Wow~ it sure has been fun to learn about these pearly plates.
This morning after i've made some english breakfast (eggs with bacon & toast, yumyum) I started two new projects.
And Johan had this awesome idea, to make these first tablets into Coasters!
So when we invited people over, we can give them awesome cup coasters. Sweet, haha.

Anyway, here is the rest of what i've made today.

...had to buy even more beads. And I am searching for some different shades of colors for a cheap price.

pearly plates

First project

what do you think? Does it look like King Boo, or what?

bring me some more color, darling

I've been having fun with my pearly plates tonight~
I've made a King Boo. Oh yes! I'll try and iron it tomorrow and then some pics will come up here. :)
It was fun! But I have to buy some more pearls, because im almost all out on black and white. Lucky me that they are cheeeeap!

Im getting sleepy now, but there is nothing on TV. Then what do I do.. I wonder I wonder.

I had to share this

.. because if there are people out there who havent seen it - you have to watch now. They are really beautiful and the zombie genre is my own personal favourite.

King Boo

So, what i've been up to today - is that me & Felicia went to the city and I found myself the new hobby for a resonable price! I havent had the time to try it out yet, but it will come up some shots of it when the time comes.
Then we watched Black Swan, which wasnt at all what it was hyped to be. It wasnt bad, but it wasnt awesome like people are saying.

the new hobby of mine that I've had for years but never felt that I had the.. well, time & strenght to do-
Making Pearly Plates with videogame icons!

you just gotta love it

Im going to the cityyy
In the meanwhile - im tossing in these two. One gameplay and one song from the videogame,
Zombies ate my neighbours.


Varför ogillar de flesta tjejer det de ser i spegeln?
Största orsaken är väl media, skulle jag gissa på själv.
Men varför får det oss att tro att vi är fel om vi inte
nödvändigtvist är som dom?
Vi vill se ut som dom vi gillar.
I mitt fall, rödhårig, lång, smal, perfekt syn så man inte måste ha
glasögon,tunn rygg & smala höfter.
Det är ju totalt omöjligt.
Men grejjen är då den... varför vill vi ofta ha det som vi inte kan få?
Jag hängiver till det klassiska citatet;
Gräset är alltid grönare på andra sidan.
Om jag hade fått exakt det utseende jag velat ha,
skulle jag då fortsätta önska?
Och för mig är svaret ganska uppenbart; Ja.
Vi slutar aldrig att vilja ha, eller sträva efter det onårbara.
För när vi har fått det - vill vi bara ha mer.
Girighet & Fåfänga..
damn you and make me pretty.

probably the best game ever <33

im listening to the soundtrack of "Zombies ate my neighbours" while
organising stuff

oh oh ohhh

Been at my moms place for a while packing some more while getting more throat-aches.
I also looked in my throat with a flashlight - it looks like a pscyho has been cutting it up with a scalpell or something.  Not pretty. To much info? Perhaps.
Tomorrow im gonna hit the town and see if I can find my new hobby~ .. for some cheap $$$ of course.


another morning, another day

I woke up about an hour ago. Watched According to Jim and then made some breakfast.
But I still miss my morning coffé.. hmm, maybe I should install the coffé machine we got from my dad..
I wonder I wonder.. perfect coffé.. quick..

Im gonna do it.

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