Today is the end of a year! .. or somethin.
Im at my dads place infront of the mac taking pictures. Fun. Very Fun. Haha! no.
Anyway, tomorrow I've got work so no alkohol-fun for me today :) At least not much.
But I will eat all the candy instead :DD

This Year I:
Almost got run-over by a car, twice.
Almost crashed with my car.
Made two extra holes in my ears, and made the holes slightly bigger.
Ordered a trip to Japan - Wihoo!
Taken a step forward with my moviescripts/movie carrier.
Got a job.

.. and many more stuff.

Have a wonderful evening!

the day before the day

I dont know what I should say.
So - im just gonna go take a christmas coke and lie down in bed.

My head hurts.
But I think tomorrows gonna be fun. ^__^




Happy New Years!


jikes - when am I gonna find time to upload some pictures.

oh I know! - later! because i dont have work from wednesday to friday :D haha

Christmas Eve


Well, I was going to upload yesterday - but I ended up going out in Saturday night, which led to me being totally uncapable to stand during the whole day of yesterday. I was hungover.  Really -   hungover.
Anyway, here are some pictures that I manage to take during Christmas Eve!

Ps,  now is only 3 months until me & Johan goes to Japan!! Incredible!

Christmas started at my dads place where we took a morning Sauna, or however you
should tell that in a correct sentence. I made breakfast for everyone and then my brother
and his kid, Linus, came over.

Linus got to open his presents right away almost - and he was happy with his new Lego.

About.. 15.00pm and one dinner later, it was time for some traditional cartoons on tv while cooking dinner.
At the table we had some liquor, snacks and Jameson.
It was very nice.

Two dinners later, we arrived at my Grandma & Grandpas house. They wanted us to eat
dinner there too, but after two dinners and one left to go - we just had to say "No thank you."

Well, we have arrived at our last stop - Johans house.
Where we ate the third dinner, now we are really stuffed with food.

Soon presents-time!

I got a whole lot more than I'd expected. But over all it was an awesome day - I just needed more time
But the candy was awesome too.

I got this cool candy box from Johan shaped as a 8bits control!

Super Mario & Legend of Zelda key chain ^__^
I got more stuff like a PacMan alarm clock, Eclipse DVD, money etc,
but these are the things you get to see.

Anyway hope you had a nice christmas too!

メリークリスマス - Merry Christmas!

Good Morning everyone!

Its christmas morning. ^^  The candles are lit, the christmas tree lights lits up the living room - and soon there will be a nice breakfast table on the kitchen.

Hope you all have a nice christmas eve!

/ Cindy


Tomorrow morning is Christmas Eve!!
Im so looking forward to it - but I just cant find enough time to do everything I want to. To bad. And time is such a valuable thing - even tho its just something humans made up.
Im going to work tonight from 17pm to 11.15pm. I will come home late but hopefully I wont be that tired tomorrow even so.

Anyway, I will shoot in HD and take loads of pictures! I hope to get something to show you all here.

Merry Christmas!

uh - give me a break, would'ya already

I wont write that much because im so freakin' tired from work.
Ive had the post-shift all day. Registred about 200-300packages. And sent back 37 of them.
It has been alot of stress and people are insane during the holidays.
All I have to say is: Good night

My messy room. Tho I cleaned up the room after this shot.

After i've wiped all the furniture from dust - I put up my new Owl candle... thingie.
It was cute :)

Canon HD wideangle test

Here is the very short, and not well-thought-through movie I made.
Watch it!

Im tired, and going to watch the Grinch soon - then sleep!

also, check out the other movies I made and throw in a comment

while you are there ^__^


wow - I really didnt understand iMovie. Like... at all.
I tried to do my editing there, but it took me a while to even get the file IN the program. Jeez, could they make the program even more confusing? No. I think not.
Anyway, that means that the video wont come up tonight probably. I start work tomorrow at 6.55 am, so that means I have to make myself sleep soon.


Last night in bed.


I've filmed some stuff with my HD camera. Im going to edit it later on today I think. First time I try out the filming of HD on my Canon. I hope it'll be something at least.
I will also put it up here when its finished :)




Im on my way to my dads house.
Im gonna bring the camera and see what there is to shoot -

there has fallen so much snow these last few days! Jeez, its not even funny.

my Christmas needs


I bought myself a classic chocolate Santaclaus and some Smarties. Also a Christmas coke.
Mmmmm, NOW I can rest.

Samyang 8MM

I got my new faboulus lens --

Also got a nice surprise gift - a Mars snack! Such a nice thing to do :) Just a tiny small gift and
it brightens my day.

Samyang 8mm shot...

... and Canon 50mm (70mm) lens.
The lens I usually use.
Quite the difference, eh?? ^__^

its called "Growing up"

Work again -

And my free day is off tomorrow.. I have to work due to little employees at the moment.

an old picture. at least a few months.

Gingerbread bake


Started off with a cup of coffé and took it easy. Looked for a christmas cd and such. haha

At the beginning of the baking

After everything - we got a whole lot of gingerbread!
Or, pepparkaka, as we swedes say.


new camera lens

Morning all!

I just ordered a new lens for my camera!
Ive been wanting this one for a nice good while - and now they had lowered the price with almost 1000 swedish crowns. So I just had to take the oppurtunity.

Here it is!

It has wicked awesome wide angle

Soon im off to bake some gingerbread!

Lipstick me

I just got back home from the city. Or well, Im not so sure we can call it "the city" since its so small and useless.
Anyway! for the first time, in 6 months or so, I went to KICKS to buy some eyeshadow.
(I lost mine somewhere last week.) and there I found the most awesome lipstick ever. Im going back there again tomorrow to buy it. Im gonna look so hot on christmas eve and newyears.

Oh yeah, you heard me.


おはようございます!Good Morning!
Im tireeeed. Thinking on going back to sleep for a while.
Until more photos from yesterday - here are the shoes from China!
Also, the sweater is new and the black pants. Tho, the pants you cant really see.


My new shoes! Gosh, I love them.


Good morning!

The clothes from China has arrived!



The washing explanations is in Korean -- yes, that'll work out fine. :P


I love them all! More pictures of them will come up, with them on me. Hopefully.


And Kisse-Maja was with me while trying to wrap some christmas presents. He wanted
my box.


Im alive! .. I promise.

Good evening!

Hmm, what to say.
I dont have alot of pictures, since all the working, but I have some boring photos at least to show.
Im free this weekend. Im planning to bake som christmas stuff and then I might take some photos during or just go out and take some photos - depends on how tired I am after my working week.
Tomorrow im working from 14.45 - 23.15 .
Yes - boring as well.

I'll write later,

To answer your question on whether I was bored or not while taking these shots - Yes. Yes I was.


Good morning, all.
Im tired and I really dont want to go to work again, during the weekend.
But today I work from 11 to 8pm. :(  Cant do any of the things that I want. Sucks.

update from the cold

I dont know what to write. Im just truly disappointed in the pictures. I guess im not as inspired as I could be. Anyway,

こんばんわ and おやすみなさい I guess.

Kisse-Maja is simple the cutest. He loves boxes.(As do all cats, right)
But the box was to small, but still, he wanted to fit in it. And when he did he was so proud.

Me, Johan and his dad were in the city, eating some thai food and checking out the stores.

It was christmasy - but so very cold

Went to Luleå / Piteå for the filmconvent. It was great!
Tho, it was very frosty.

Visited my aunts place in Morjärv where their little puppy dog was.
Adorable, but not as cute as Kisse-Maja, right?

I think thats all for today --
more to come.

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