Oh my lord

Hello everyone,
so I got some news.

First off - I've taken quite a few shots these days! So that means that there will be some uploads after friday.
Second  -  Im going away tomorrow night. Right after I've quit work. And Im going to the film convention in Piteå for three days.
I will bring my camera as well, and maybe you get to see some pictures from there too.
If I can get my hands on a computer there might be an quick update here.

But im not at home right now with my Photoshop and computer and I wont be home until after work, at 23.15pm. And that means that I will be miss sleepy head and cant edit a thing.
Therefor, pictures will come up after Friday and more update on how the convention went.


the rambles of a cold lady

Jeezes - its so freakin cold outside.

I was just out a few hundred metres, to get to my car, then drive back home and out and inside the house - I almost died. Seriously.

No, maybe not seriously, but in my head I almost died.

How am I supposed to take awesome pictures when I cant even hold the camera for one minute without getting like, freeze problems? >> gggrrr..

Anyway, sad news.
I've decided that I wont start the japanese course due to many factors.
I am very sad about it.. but I guess I cant do everything at the same time. Unless I was a genius, which im not.
But next week is the movie convention!
Its going to be great, I hope. I just need to be myself and be awesome. Then everything will work out, right?? heeehehhe...



Work work work --

got no pictures to upload either. That looks good anyway.
AND my car wont start - how is this going to work? >< .. hmpf.
Really dont want to work until 23.15 pm tonight. I just want to be with my fiance and watch Mad Men or The Walking Dead. But i guess there is time for everything.

Damn you, cold!

Movie Convention

waaaaah im getting so nervous!

Its almost just two weeks left for the movie convention here in Sweden.
Already so many movie companies have signed in and I can just see all of my oppurtunities fly across my face.
In fantasies, of course.
For two nights already, i've been thinking on what to say, and what to wear - how to present myself to make me interesting enough to talk to, you know? I need someone to take an interest in my scripts, or see my potential with movies/media.
I have to be seen when I am there, otherwise Its just a waste of time and money.

WAH exciting!


Hello, everyone

Gosh, Im feeling so bad right now.
Yesterday I started to get dizzy and got bad headaches at work. And of course, it didnt help with the stress at work either. Its hard to smile while feeling like Bam-Bam is pounding on your head with a pre-historic stick.
And, today im not feeling any better. Im trying to get better by taking it easy, resting, drinking some warm thé and water. Nothing seems to help.
Im supposed to work on my manuscript right now, but I just cant find the energy at all.
Hopefully I can get better by tomorrow and I can work then and on Friday.

here is a ego pic of a happier Cindy.


So i've looked through the shots I took on the little roadtrip -- and they all kinda suck, but I think its got potential for some awesome pics. So im thinking that tomorrow morning, im going to go out again and see what I can do about that. Its just that I dont have any winter clothing so I cant really just walk out in the meter deep snow - but.. yeah, I think there is something to shoot. Otherwise im just gonna have to wait until we get out with the snowmobile and bring the camera like last year. ^__^

Later on, I will upload the other pics.

On our way


On our way back

This is my house, and its so cold outside the bricks within the house shows on the outside with
frost. Cool huh?


Im off to work in about two hours, and I quit almost at midnight - but tomorrow morning I will upload some ego pics and some road pics.
Keep a look out!

China order

Here are the clothes from China that I ordered:

the black pants

the knit stockings

pics of dude

Ohayou everyone, or good morning in english.
Today I've so far, been on the road to take some pictures - but that plan failed because I didnt find any spots to shoot.
I only got some lame shots I might upload later on.
Also, in a few hours, me, my dad, Johan, my brother and one more is gonna eat Thai food and watch the new Paranormal Activity 2. Its gonna be great! Ive been wanting to see that movie ever since the first one.

Yesterday I took some shots with my dads Mac Air computer. I was truly bored. But here, enjoy the ugly shots of Moi!
I'll put the rest up later when I dont have anything else to put up. Haha


I look so weird in this pic I dont know where to start. Its the Mirror effect.
It looks like me, but it dont.

what to say


Well, ive been at my dads place almost the whole day.
Made my order from Kina today as well! Cant wait ^^hehehe.. its gonna be awesome.
I'll put up some pics of the products later on today I think :) Im on my way home in a while.
Until then, a ego shot.

jaa, matane!



How are you all??
I woke up like 30minutes ago and now im just taking it easy. I've had some Peach & Mango thé and some cerials.
おいしい! Yummy!
Its snowing like it will never end outside, and that makes me to become an inside-girl for today. It has been really cold here in Kiruna the last few days. 25- degrees like yesterday night. COLD. BRR.
Anyway here are some pictures ive taken during the week.

this is taken from my work at my break. So this is what it looks like if I look out the

very frosty

this one is taken from my friends apartment. Down there is a camping site. Sorta. ^^

and this is the balcony from his apartment. More frost!

zombie pics

Here comes the zombie shoot me and friends did some time ago!

tho my legs look incredible huge in this picture. XD


pretty please?

I got this urge today to order in some new winter clothes / clothes for christmas and new years.  Im not sure which one of them I will order, but I can assure you; alot will be ordered, cause I just fell in love with all of them. and the list will surely get bigger.. i always find something more.
Here is my "I wish I could have them all"- list:

both the shorts and the sweater


the green sweater




alot of knits-clothing... but.. <3



Sorry, that I havent written in a while. Ive been working pretty tough shifts at the job, so i havent really had the strength to take any photographs. Im free from work this wednesday, so I might take a walk and see what I can capture. Might even take the car for a ride into the woods and see what I find.
Anyone who would like to come with??? ^__^ text me!

Its now 19.21 pm and its soon time for Top Model - after that its straight to bed and then I start work again at 6.25am.
Uuuh.. I dont feel like it. But it makes me happy to make money at least. It makes me feel better about myself, and not as much stressed as before.

Anyway, here are some shots i've taken during some days ~

for the record; its supposed to be up-side-down. I thought it looked kinda cool.

this is the correct one tho.

Kisse-maja pose

kisse-maja chill


Im gonna try and get some photos soon. I wanted to take pictures today in the woods, but I had to work 11 - 20.. so, didnt make it.

Himeji 日本


Im just dreaming about Japan ---

Himeji Castle, that me and Johan are gonna visit in Kobe.

Some part of the castles yard

Shot from top of the castle.
beautiful isnt it???
Cant wait. <3

snowy winter

Hello everyone,

gosh im tired. work work work - it seems my life is all about now.
But I managed to put in so photography-time as well. Tho it was very cold and im still pretty sick -- im going to bed now. Haha
But.. I still need to learn how to take photo with snow.. I need a filter.





workin' gal

おはようございます!Good morning!
おげんきですか??わたしはげんきです。How are you? Im feeling good.

So, today I've been studying some japanese ,  日本 , and feeling good.
Because, you see, yesterday I got a letter from the local japanese course-people that the japanese speaking class is starting in November! Im so happy :)
Im just a bit .. wonderus on how im gonna fit my working hours for it.. hmmm... but it'll work out somehow I hope.
I've been waiting for like, two years or something to start this course, so Im happy!

On three hours im off to work. Im working the 'night'-shift today, so I wont be back until like midnight or so.
Booooring ---


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