a long dream about the apocalyps

     ... and there we were walking in the woods again. Like we have so many times before.
I still have that faint memory of when I used to dream about going out camping in the woods, and connect with nature again. After the apocalypse happened, it's all I've done for months, maybe years??? And now all I want is to be back in that couch, watching TV, being the lazy fucker I really am in heart and soul.
     "I think we are getting closer now.", my boyfriends mom saids. "where we can hopefully be safe again."
-"Sure, it's safe now, but it's just a matter of time until its a dead zone again."
Everyone looks at me. "What? It's just the truth and you all know it."
The crunching leaves under our feet slowly starts to disappear, and now you can hear gravel echoing throgh the woods. Small houses begin to show between the trees, this must be the villiage that we've been searching for.
     We reach the village, and there is definitely more life than in the woods. People gathering food, cooking, doing laundry, some men are patrollng the area with guns, and the ones that don't have guns; have homemade guns. Like a board with nails, or a bat with nails. Just pretty much all things that you can put nails on. They are very useful when it comes to the undead.
Eva and Camilla, my boyfriends mom and his sister, goes to find the leader of the village. To see if there is any room for us, and what we need to do, to keep it of course.
They come back after a while smiling, and shows us all a key. "We are officially checked in.", everyone smiles and exhales, like a big burden has been lifted of their shoulders. Back to a bed, with (what will hopefully be) safe walls and a new home.
The house wasn't anything special, dusty like all homes today, splashes of blood here and there, some broken furniture. Not like you can expect anything else.
     We have been at the new camp a few days now. Rested up quite a bit, all of the wounds have healed as well.
Today I am helping out with patrolling the area. There has been very small zombie encounters since we got here, so it's not like there is any super hard work. I mean, it's much more work with gathering food. Setting tricky traps, see if anyone even goes in the trap, then cook it -- takes alot more time and effort than just walking around with a weapon, and MAYBE having to do anything. (I mentioned that I was lazy before.)
A few more days has passed and I'm in the house cleaning up a bit when I hear screaming.
"RUN!!" -- Oh no! I sprint towards the door, when suddenly a pack of zombies bash inside the house. They see me runt towards the kitchen.
"Fuck fuck fuck! Where the fuck can I hide in a fucking kitchen?!" I look around, take the kitchen knife.
Shadows of the zombies are getting closer to the kitchen door. I hide under the kitchen table.
Zombies are walking around the table, searching for me. It's lucky that they aren't that bright when they are dead. Johan, my boyfriend comes running in the kitchen and quickly backs out as he sees them. He sees me under the table and I whisper "ssh" to him. He nods. I try to check if the zombies are able to give me a whole to run out of, but since they walk around the table, it doesnt give me that much timerange..
A small gap comes up and I try to crawl out, when my foot hits the chairs and makes a sound. I stop moving.
I stop breathing. One of the zombies stop, to bend over and see what it was.
"Fuck, Im going to have to kills this one before he lets the other ones know I'm here. Remember the training, its to close encounter to stick it straight to the brain, so, you need to.. um.. "
The zombie sees me. "So stick it through the eyes and then press it upwards"", I think while doing it. It gushes out blood on me, and the zombie falls to the floor. The other zombie now stops and does the same thing, but this time I miss the eye, and it doesn't kill me. He reaches for me under the table. "AAH!"
I push him back and crawl out, bad thing tho is that im the fucking corner of the kitchen! The zombies all comes towards me, moaning and reaching for me. I try to stick the knife in as many as I can and push my way through, Johan comes running with a bat and hits some heads.
We run out of the house, "Mom and the others are waiting for us at the end of the village, Lets go!"
Panic has now taken over the once so calm camp. Burning houses, corpses lying all around, zombies having a grand dinner..Like I said; it's just a matter of time.
     We reach the end of the village where all of the survivors has gone. "oh thank god," Eva says and hugs us.
"We need to go, but where to? Anyone has a plan?" Another guy from the camp steps forward. "I heard that there is a safe place in the city, not far away from here. "
"City? Isn't more dangerous in the cities?"
"Yes, it is, but this safe place is supposed to be this big hotel. So it's harder to get in. The rumor says that its a good place.. we are going there at least. And it is always better to stick together."
We talk it out a bit, and decide to go with them.
      We managed to get two cars for everyone, and are now driving towards the city. It usually isn't the brightest idea to take the car, since there might be so many obstacles on the road, hard to get gasoline, the engine makes a sound.. yeah. But we felt like we deserve to take the car.
As we drive, we start to see the big skyline of the city, and it looks more depressing than ever. Instead of the depressing consumering billboards and daily life stress, it now looks like one big ghetto place with death and disease. All thats missing is the constant sound of police vehicles.
     Green signs shows us where to go. We drive as far as we can, but it doesnt take long before the obstacles in the road is to much, so we can't get through. We hop out of the car, and starts to walk.
Iron fences are built like a maze here. Probably so it will take longer time for the zombies to get through.
After a while, we meet a patrolling guy. "hey", is all he says and raises his gun. I guess he is waiting for either a response, or a zombie-like moaning. "Hey! Dont shoot!" We say, and raises our hands.
"OK, civilians. It's ok, you can come with me towards the hotel."
     The hotel was as grand as they mentioned before. It's not perfect of course, but it still has that classy red instead of blood red- furniture. The place was packed with people, we were lucky to get two rooms. They were tiny hotelrooms, but what the heck. I'm happy. They showed us up to the 8th floor. Long corridors with red carpets leading the way. It looks very nice.
Inside the room it looks like a normal hotelroom, just with the TV not working. We lay down on the bed and fall asleep.
     Not sure how many days has passed here. The one thing you loose when a apocalypse happen, is that there is no time to keep track on time.
     We walk down to the main hall to get some food. There is some guy standing on  table, talking.
"There will be a pickup for those who wants to leave, tomorrow evening. We recieved a message, telling that either a plane, or a ship, will come and save as many as they can, and send you to a place where the zombies have not come. All that you need to do, is take a green shirt, put it on, and be on the estimated place. They will help as many as they can."
"Is this real? Is the government really going to save people?", I ask the others.
" It seems like it. I hope it's real. Do you think we should go?"
"Not sure.. I mean, we have a pretty nice deal here now."
     The next day people seem anxious. WIll they leave? Will they stay? What are the risks?
And then I hear that famous line again through the window.. "RUN!!"
I look out the window and people on the streets are running from a herd of zombies. Panic sets in and anyone that falls, will die.
I run out of my room and meet up with the others. We decide to leave for the shuttle who would take us somewhere safe. We run down all the flights of stairs, and follow the signs.
They lead us out of the hotel, across a road, and in to a hospital. We all hold hands to not loose sight of each other. People are crazy now, all trying to survive.
"There!" I said, pointing. Another sign leading to the room where the Green shirts was gonna be. We all put them on.
"THEY'RE HERE! THE ZOMBIES ARE INSIDE!" people starts yelling.
We run out of the room and see them coming. Maybe 20-30 zombies walking through that narrow corridor..
Camilla and her husband Joakim looses hope. They stop.
"Come on, what the hell are you doing?! Come on!", Johan yells. They look at each other and they just know. It's time. They take their handgun, and kisses goodbye. One shot, two brains. They fall to the gound.
"What?! No!" Johan yells, and I grab his hand to drag him out of there. "Come on Johan, they're gone, let's just find your mom!" Zombies stop to feed on their corpses. Maybe they wanted to buy us some time? Whilst they just were fed up themselves on running.. We'll never know.
I loose Johan  hands, "No! Johan don't let go!!" Johan disappears in the crowd of panic. I try to see him, but i'm to short to see anything. "Johan! JOHAN!!!"
and then I wake up.

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Terrifying.. but kinda awesome :O

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